Contest Prize Money


Hey everyone. I’m not complaining too much here. Afterall I’m really not out any money, but I took second place in Contest 137 and have never gotten any response to my emails to Jason Toon and have never received my prize money. Is that normal or has something out of the ordinary happened here? Has anyone else had this issue?


From what I understand… your journey has only just begun. At some point (in the not to near future) you will get said prize.

Of course, I could be completely wrong and you’ll get your prize today. Only the woot-gods know for sure.


Have you ever bought a tv from woot?


Bad things happen when you purchase TVs from woot!


rephrase that please…wonderful things happened from the holy vizio purchase :slight_smile:


True enough . . .
Bad things happen in the order fulfillment process when you order TVs from woot!


thank you!


What he said…


Thanks. Like I said it’s not a huge deal, but it’s good to know. And the TV thing is duly noted. I haven’t bought any gadgets yet from woot, but my t-shirts have arrived in-tact and within a reasonable amount of time.