Hey this isnt a real contest but dont leave yet, IM BEGGING YOU! DONT LEAVE ME! The reason i made this thread is because i think that if a lot of us post an idea for a contest on here the woot worker people will actually use one of our ideas (or more) and make a contest! HEY I SEE YOU GETTING READY TO CLICK THE EXIT BUTTON! KNOCK IT OFF OR ILL CRUSH YOUR BALLS WITH MY SHIT! Anyways whoever wins the contest would win a shirt that they choose! THATS RIGHT, CHOOSE!!! well… yea! post an idea or else.

see who can go the longest as master of his or her domain

you’re on!

i lose!

i lost while i was typing in that suggestion


hey dontwantaname do you just see what we type to make sure its apropriate or do you actually help woot pick shirts and all that?

i hope it’s the former. if the latter i am disappointed she hasn’t picked one of my derby entries.

or mine. or one of my daily submissions. or one of the puckers.

No real contact with woot. Most power I have is the ability to delete stuff.

yeah, probation means nothing these days.

lol hey dontwannaname how do i enter my shirt design?

man she blew you off!

hicup how so?


she was just here!

watch out, i think you’re about to get inquisitioned. the ladies will make sure you do your homework, too.


is she goin to interogate me?

go say “hi” in the “PWA” thread.

wat does pwa mean?