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On a dark stormy night, a boy named Charles was walking through a park. He noticed one of the lights were flickering, and this wasn’t something he was so familiar with. Later on that night Charles went home to find that every matchbox car he had, has been turned into convertibles. From this Charles froze in fear and fell to the floor.


Charles stated with an unhealthy exuberance, “ow”.

then his wife said “chuckie, get back to bed and leave those cars alone”…“you are 32 years old for crying out loud”!

His mother then screamed from downstairs “charlie! the potroast is ready hunny”. And Charlie responded “but mah i’m with my wife now!”

Whining, his mom reminded him “You know Mommy’s lactating. I can’t take care of this by myself you know.”

he thought of the wonderful gravy mommy made (using her special milk)…

Suddenly gatzby showed up with a corncob in his ass and sucked everyone off dry.

thought that was my job

(how did I know that was coming next? :slight_smile: Well, except for the corncob part that is …)

Im saving you for later.

Oh and hi gwp :slight_smile:

yummy where are you?