Continuing Education...advice please?

Ok…so I’ve been thinking about going back to school…I did the whole college thing for about a year and a half, and it really was NOT for me. I stopped going to school and started working and just sort of stuck with that for a while. I’ve worked many different jobs over the past several years. Right now I work as a Veterinary Technician…I’m learning alot on the job as I go, but have had no formal schooling in the field. I love working with animals, but I’m having second thoughts about this field…I had alot more fun as a dog trainer and pet sitter, but the money just wasn’t there (unless you own your own business, which is a-whole-nother can o’ worms). Being a Tech is a very physically demanding and mentally stressful job, but it also pays better and I still get to work with my four-legged friends.

My mom has been on my ass the past few months to get my life together and go back to school. Part of me really does want to learn more and “increase my earning potential” and “make myself more marketable” and all those stupid, annoying, industry catch-phrases. Part of me says I work full time, sometimes 50-60 hour weeks, and I don’t have time for school…but even if I DID have the time for it I’m not sure about going into animal medicine and getting licenced as a Vet Tech.

When I DID go to college all those years ago, one of my true passions was art. I know I’ve never submitted a design here - even though I’ve toyed with the idea…just don’t seem to find the time to follow through - but I think I’m a fairly good artist. I’m thinking about going back to school for some kind of art related degree, but I have NO IDEA where to begin. I’d probably end up going for some sort of web design or advertising type of study, I guess, but I was really hoping for some suggestions/insider info/etc.

[b]To those in some kind of art related profession…do you have any advice? Like what to focus on, and what is not so important in the business side of art? Where did you go to school and what kind of degree did you get?

Above all, I’m looking for a program that can realistically be completed in 2 years, and perhaps offers an online study program so I can keep my current job and living arrangments as-is.[/b]

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my (highly abridged) life story, and for any helpful advice you may have =)

PS I live in NY…Westchester specifically…so if you know of anything local to here don’t hesitate to mention! I could also probably arrange moving back to Long Island, where I was from up until about a year ago…and would not be totally opposed to relocating elsewhere, I’d jsut rather not have to if it can be avoided at this time.

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Good luck!


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Not an artist, but I’ll throw in my $.02. If you want a marketable art degree and are thinking of web design as an option, most of the jobs I see for that require a marketing (or very closely related) degree. Most graphic design courses do not qualify as this (at least here - on the opposite coast, as I have a friend with one and she’s stuck).

Personally, I know there is no way I would survive a marketing class, so I’ve never pursued this idea any further even though I do some web development and design. I’m more on the programming side though. If you really know what you want to do and you don’t see the exact program you are looking for, but what you want would be combining two different disciplines, you should look into the feesability of doing that before you sign any papers and get started.

Hope some of that helps.

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