Contixo F35 drone review - great for noobs!

I rate this 5/5 stars! :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

I recently bought this drone through Woot! (order number XXXX0584), just in time for the weather to be really crappy here in the Northeast US for several weeks straight. Our weather finally improved over the weekend, so I took my drone out for some flying.

So first off, I am new to drones – as in, never flew a drone before this one. When the Contixo F35 went up for sale here, I was attracted by the price and features. I did some quick research, which convinced me to buy the darn thing before it sold out.

I am glad I did! This thing is great! I read through the user manual (yes, you actually get a real, printed booklet with actual diagrams and words!), charged up the drone and controller batteries, then took off. I made sure to go somewhere wide open and left the drone in its beginner mode for my first flight. The drone was easy to control and responded well to my inputs. The Contixo F35 app worked seamlessly, so I could see what the drone camera saw as I flew. The app is pretty well designed and easy to use.

Video and photo quality are very good, and the Electronic Image Stabilization and 2-axis gimbal do wonders in avoiding jittery videos due to breeze or ham-handed piloting. Check out a clip from my first flight:

The controller fits in my hands well, and the control layout is easy to understand. If you’ve handled a game console controller, you’ll have no trouble with this. The only nit to pick about the controller is the LED status display, which washes out in bright sunlight. It’s not really a big deal since the smartphone app tells you all about the drone’s mode and status.

This drone is quite feature rich for the price, and I’m looking forward to playing around with follow-me mode, gesture mode, and other features. The drone came with a very nice carrying case, one battery, a 64GB memory card, extra propellers, and the manual – everything I needed right out of the box!

Lastly, the build quality of the drone and controller is very good. Everything feels solid and durable!

In a nutshell, this drone is easy for novices but has plenty of features and capabilities to keep you interested as you gain experience.