Contixo F35 RC Quadcopter Drone

Contixo F35 RC Quadcopter Drone


anyone have a parts source for the F35? Battery?

Hi there. The F35 is similar to the F24. They use same batteries and propellers, both can be found on Amazon, search Contixo F24 battery.

How many batteries are included in this package? Description is a little confusing, indicating that up to minutes flight time is possible, but then also talks about a battery that has 30 minute duration, and that 1 battery is included in the package.

Could you confirm how many batteries are included in total?

Only one battery will be in the package. In the features section, we included an ASIN to search in Amazon if you wanted to purchase an additional battery.

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i really would like to get this for 120.00 it is way over priced.

300 is a great deal for this quadcopter. The video it takes is amazing and worth every penny they charge for it.