Contixo F5 Quadcopter Drone With WiFi Camera

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Contixo F5 Quadcopter Drone With WiFi Camera
Price: $88.99
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Am I reading this right?
“8 minute flight time and 120 minute charging time”
It takes 2hrs to charge something that you fly for 8mins?

8 minutes fly time? Use them all to fly it up, it will come down on its own.

You don’t have to fly it for 8 minutes. You can stop after 4 minutes.

.3 Megapixel HD camera? I don’t think .3 megapixels can be HD. I think that’s a typo.

Also order extra batteries so you aren’t limited to 8 minutes at the park. They’re cheap. I’ve usually had enough fun after four or five packs.

Regarding battery life, the Parrot drone that was for sale last week states a 90 minute charge time for 12 minutes of flight, so this seems to be in the ballpark of standard. It’d probably be a good idea to buy some spare batteries, and have them charged and waiting. :slight_smile:

I found this review, they do not say T-F5, just F5. Not sure if that is a woot typo.


They got 5 - 6 mins real flight time.

No where does this thing sell for $199.00, that’s deceptive. WOOT once had great deals, what happened?

Where can I find extra batteries for this exact Model # ???

That list price is BS.

The company website calls it the F5.

Bit of an RC person here …
ALL drones in this price range are not created equal. And if you want real video save your cash to buy at $300 plus.
This range is a toy. In fact up to around 200 you can call them all toys. You can also do a lot better if you do your homework, take your time to learn, and wait for the price ya want.
If all ya really want to do is fly, save some money and buy just a flyer.

The $1500 ones are also toys and such fun toys they are!

The vendor’s site lists it for that price. However, we’ve lowered our list to match Amazon’s at $149.99.

First Yuneec Typhoon clone/ripoff I’ve seen. Tons of Phantom ripoffs and clones out there…
Immitation the sincerest form of flattery?

Looks like it’s got a gimbal, but it’s a fixed camera.

Looks like it’s a good toy for the price. Don’t expect usable photos or videos, but as a first copter, might not be bad.

This model is listed at $109.99 on Amazon. I’ve seen it as high as $149.99 there which is way too much. $89 is an appropriate price.

These lipo batteries are plentifully available pretty much anywhere you can buy RC stuff. Amazon, eBay, and the Chinese RC websites have them. Just search for a JST 3.7v 600 mah lipo and you’ll be flooded with options.

The original WOOTers sold out years ago to . . . amazon, I believe. THAT is when it went down hill.

Amazon bought them.