Contixo SC3 Stunt Car, Color of Choice

Contixo SC3 Stunt Car, Color of Choice

No indication it comes with any kind of charger.

Yep, charger is included. Per the vendor.

Our SC3 comes with 3.7V 300 mAh rechargeable battery along with charging cable.

Please kindly note that the controller operates with 2 x AAA batteries (NOT included)”

Nice, good information!

I have to ask, do you read EVERYTHING (and are answering similar questions for EVERYONE, which is kinda impressive?) or do you sometimes focus in on and follow some one person around? Not complaining, mind, just that sometimes I might, umm, clean up my act a little if I know a lady will be around… Respectful, you know… AND now that I’ve blurted that out, we move on, because I pretty much always have questions…

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LOL. I pretty much read everything. I do a full sweep in the morning and then watch the latest section for new posts throughout the day. :smiley:


Fairly sure my local “Batteries are Us” has these, so I can keep some charged and ready for all challenges!

Charging cable != charger, generally. It’s for connecting to a charger.

The entire text reads like a magazine-cutout ransom note. Can’t these be reviewed by a native speaker first?

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Are you having a bad week? You’re being very mean and your remark is uncalled for.

The wording was absolutely correct. You could look it up yourself, but please, let me:


In the future, if you can’t say something nice about people, please just don’t post.


I’m “being mean” to the person(s) who write and (don’t) QC the uselessly vague (or outright false) ad texts. If that’s you, then perhaps you are out of your element or are rushed.

Just in the handful of chat threads I follow , I’ve seen 8-10 specific, credible complaints about getting unusable items because of false ad copy or just plain bad QC and handling… and blowing off customers with repeated “contact support for a return” is not an acceptable solution to this growing problem.

Someone in your organization (not necessarily you, I don’t remember) specifically argued with me here about details on the Tikasa watch after I noted inconsistencies in the ad text, assured me (harshly) that I was “wrong”, so I ordered it… and it DID in fact lack GPS just as I was concerned about. Hours of wasted time and effort don’t “not matter” just because it’s only the customer’s time and efforts wasted. I wasted hours on that process because Woot couldn’t spend five minutes verifying the false ad text even after it was called to Woot’s attention).

That’s one event on one item. Multiply that by the number of affected customers.

Even ignoring what should be the nature of the customer/vendor relationship, talking down to people who are both informed and correct (because they made the effort to be thus before commenting) is a bad look.

If you want to continue arguing semantics about “cable” = “charger” (it doesn’t, as is obvious to anyone with USB-charging devices) in preference to actually having someone take a glance at the product itself, the resulting customer perception of Woot’s credibility should not be a surprise). In fact, two items I bought this month (including the Tikasa) had charging cables but not chargers, so if you are arguing they mean the same thing, Woot owes me two chargers. (Just to illustrate the point that words mean things.)

P.S: the “are you having a bad week?” slur is just juvenile.

What would you have her do? She spends every day on here (that usually includes her days off) trying to help people as the community manager, often with limited information at her disposal, and I’ve seen her go above and beyond repeatedly. She can’t change Woot policy, she’s not in control of inventory or what information is available about products, etc. If you have a complaint about how Woot does business, I suggest contacting Woot directly and giving them constructive feedback. Hating on TT because she’s the “face” you see around here doesn’t seem fair to me.

Having people contact Customer Service is the best she can do. That way, the CS reps know where the problems are and they can deal with them and escalate them when necessary. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?

If I may (and I mean this sincerely, this is not me being sarcastic), you’ve seemed unhappy lately in general, whereas before you were more inclined towards jokes and fun. I truly hope everything is okay with you and yours. This last year has been rough all the way around and so many of us are simply exhausted and overextended as a result. May you (and all of us) have better days ahead. Please take care.

(As always, I don’t work for Woot. I’m only writing as a concerned Wooter. I hope you’ll take my comments as they are intended. Thanks.)


But she can make direct, personal attacks on people who point out these issues… which helps how? I’ve never attacked or insulted any Woot people here, only bad or misleading practices.

Look, if fixing a problem is beyond one’s control (or doing literally anything toward resolution), then simply don’t comment, because that doesn’t help anyone. Shooting the messengers doesn’t fix anything, let alone argue with someone over things like what “charger” means.

But if there’s seriously no internal backchannel by which product issues can be communicated for resolution, doncha think that’s something worthwhile to establish? That should be one of the most important roles for having company participation in the Forums in the first place.

Apparently I wasn’t clear with my post and I apologize for that. I take exception to you disparaging the English writing/speaking capabilities of another person because they did not use the term that you wanted.

What I showed you was that they used the term that the manufacturer used - USB cable. That is what it comes with. Sorry, but manufacturer information trumps all here.

I appreciate customers bringing issues to my attention and do work to resolve as best as I can. In this case, I sent an email to the team, who emailed the vendor, who returned with the comment you disliked. If a post isn’t responded to, it’s usually because I haven’t heard back. I don’t post that I’m looking into it because I’m the one that gets hollered at in the forums when we don’t get a response for me to post.

The comment made perfect sense to me. I learned long ago to add “Per our vendor” because I would get berated in the forums if the vendor gave us wrong information.

And, after all that to get the information you requested, you couldn’t just say thank you.

Personally, I give kudos to anyone who can speak/write multiple languages. Sure, an ESL speaker may not get all the nuances correct but by golly, they’re doing better than me at a second language. All I can speak is English and Texan.

SO, that was my point. Nothing more. Sorry if that didn’t come across and yeah, I probably should have kept my mouth shut but it hit a nerve.

Last post on the topic. The end.


Then, when you previously insisted, “Yep, charger is included.”, that was false? This is coming out only now and like this?

I do not disparage anyone’s language abilities when it is not core to the purpose of the writing. I do not necessarily expect full clarity, let alone correct grammar and usage, in a product enclosure. But in Woot ad copy, yes,the text had damn well better not mislead people. If Woot paid half as much attention to material accuracy in copy as it did wrapping it in the artificially cutesy, faux fun mellifluous monkey branding crap, you’d have far fewer upset customers. It’s a serious problem, and it’s getting worse.

If you pay attention to forum threads specific to products, there’s a broad spectrum of customers recounting firsthand cases of past problems with misrepresented and defective/partial products. Some such misrepresentations can actually put people at risk, such as several falsely-described “sugar free” and “keto” items offered here in the past two months.

And “contact support to return” is not the magic wand to make problems disappear so many at Woot seem to think. Neither is shooting every messenger.

Well, I’ve never “hollered at” anyone by name here, and I can’t recall seeing anyone here specifically criticize you over any unanswered question. Perhaps you can point us to some examples?

So, for those who purchased did it meet your expectations or is it a pass?

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sorry. after reading the train wreck above, this very understandable & normal comment is too much. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


#TeamThunderThighs :fist::kissing_heart:


Does this come with a charger? Just kidding!

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I’ll have you know this isn’t a charger but instead its a pulsed DC power source. I wouldn’t expect YOu to know the difference, something something something. /s