Contour Pillows: Your Neck, Your Back

One of the images used for this pillow shows a woman sleeping on her back – Can this pillow be used effectively by people who sleep on their sides?

Thanks for any feedback!

How do you put a case on the flip pillow?

The specs say it comes with its own pillowcase. I’d assume that it fits the shape of the pillow. Hope that helps!

Am I the only one who sees an R instead of the first P in CPAP? I always do a double take!

I see where woot was going with the title there… dirrrty LOL (unless that was unintentional, you need to review some lyrics LOL)

Agreed…I remember that song coming on the radio while I was in college, gotta be one of the straight up dirtiest songs I’ve ever heard.

I’m TOTALLY SURE that’s not what the Woot writers were alluding to, those guys only listen to top 40 AC stations.

Nice pillow, but the included pillow cover ripped with little effort while stuffing the pillow into the cover.