Contour ROAM2 Waterproof Full HD Action Cameras

I bought a black ROAM2 the last time they were on woot. I love it! I took it to Bonaroo and had it set to photo mode (a photo every 3 seconds)I got a lot of really cool photos. a photo from my hackysack sesh. I can put my vote for it being waterproof too, I was filling up my camel-pack backpack and totally missed the bladder filling up the backpack compartment with water, the contour was at the bottom. Still works perfectly. I’m really happy with it.
Only things that bug be are in low light situations, for the photo mode at least, you can be moving else, the images get all blurry. Also its been hard for me to find mounts for it.

Does this come with a bike mount?

Does this come with a bike mount?

I’m looking for a waterproof camera for underwater video of my swim team kids to show them their stroke(s). Our pool is not super bright (indoor).

In your experience and opinion, do you think this might work? At 30fps it would probably capture the motion adequately and is about 1/2 of a GP White and 1/3 of a Silver edition (Black is too caviar for me!)


Can somebody tell me why I paid $135 for this exact same deal a month ago? I really hope I’m not getting jerked around by Woot here.

You mean other than the fact that they probably haven’t sold out of them yet, and they like ANY retailer have a habit of dropping the price over time to move them out the door?

The butthurt is strong with this one.

@ IamPopeye
I think your best bet it to search youtube for comparison vidoes. I have yet to try filming in water like you are suggesting so I can’t really give you a straight answer, sorry. But I do know on youtube there are a LOT of videos were people compare the various GoPro models to the various Contour models (there are more than one so make sure that you are looking at the correct versions)

Did you by any chance get the contour+2? I was thinking of getting that one last time contours were on here. The being able to change camera functions on the fly was appealing to me, but the increase of price was ultimately the turn off in the end (it also wasn’t waterproof)

Any other retailer would be willing to refund the difference if it was purchased within 30 days of the price dropping.


Nope, I got the standard Contour ROAM2, in Red.