Contour Waterproof Action Camcorders

We’re trying out a kinda-not-so-sorta-new-ish thing here on Sellout.Woot where instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we give you ALL THE CAMERAS AND MOAR CAMERAS!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

Link to the sale:


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Check out this “very good” review over at cnet

Just so you all know the 4GB card that comes with it at 720P and 60fps will give you about only 30 minutes of recording time. The max card accepted (32GB) would be around 4 hours then.

I have two of these and prefer them over my Gopro camera. This the Roam2. It is taking all my will not to purchase more of these. Must resist!



I bought one of these on Amazon after the last time I saw them on Woot, since I missed the deal here, and I was disappointed to find out that Bluetooth functionality is only in the ContourROAM+2 model, when I only got a ContourROAM2. It doesn’t say this in the specs anywhere, I downloaded the Android app first before realizing there was no “B” for Bluetooth anywhere on the device, and just found this link from Support that explains.

Be careful if you are buying the cheap model expecting it to connect to your Android or iPhone! Get the +2. That being said, the ROAM2 with waterproof case has lived up to expectations in every other way. Includes a cheap 4GB SD card that is fast enough to record full-motion HD at 1080P, but not much; you’re going to want a bigger card too. When 64GB cards with UHS-1 rating can be found on NewEgg for $30, you should definitely get one. If you have an old Class 10 16GB, that would be a big step up as well. A+ camera!

Thanks… I was just about to buy a 64GB SDXC to go with mine.

Does the price given here include the waterproof case shown in pictures? I want to use the camera for scuba

I’m not sure I’m seeing the particular case/accessory that you’re referring to, but here’s all the stuff that should come with them:

In the box:

Contour ROAM2 Waterproof Video Camera
4GB microSD Card
Profile Mount
Rotating Flat Surface Mount
USB 2.0 Cable
Quickstart Guide

I have been eyeing these for a month or longer since I first saw them on woot. Last night as I was going through my Amazon wishlist and seeing the Contour +2 (old packaging) for $370, I made a little wish that woot would throw these back up and I would finally bite and buy one. You read my mind woot, finally got the +2. I hope it lives up to my expectations because the slim profile of the device and the price are much more desirable than the GoPro. Hope to be able to put up a good review next time they make the rounds on woot.

FYI.Contour is no longer in business.

Incorrect; they are under new ownership:

It’s perspective, not prospective. Sigh.

If you’re going to scuba, you’ll need to buy the +2. It comes with a separate waterproof case not shown that’s good to 60m for an hour or so. The ROAM is not sufficiently waterproof for diving applications.

On the bright side, I just bought a +2 for use on my sportbike, and I can report that it’s an amazing little camera.

Just got my +2, sans a couple items that should have been in the box :confused:

Sorry to hear that. It’s very possible that the other items shipped separately.

But, to be on the safe side, I’d suggest emailing with your order info and situation. CS can check into what’s happening.