ContourROAM2 Waterproof Action Camcorder

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ContourROAM2 Waterproof Action Camcorder
Price: $159.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, May 01 to Friday, May 02) + transit
Condition: New


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I’ve had multiple of these kinds of cameras (upgraded models as new ones were release with new features), and they’ve behaved brilliantly for me. My preference was for the Contour+2, but it was a close-call since the ROAM is innately water-proof.

Thumbs-up for the Contour brand.

Amazon and the Contour website both give the list price as $199.99, but here it’s shown as $299.99. $299.99 seems to be the list price for the Contour+2. What am I missing?

Great action cam I have one use it all the time. Just know that company is no longer in business

They went under, but they’re back.

Check out this “very good” review over at cnet

I have this camera, it lives on my bike helmet and records everything I see on my rides, in case I get into an accident or something. It does a decent enough job.

It’s rugged, relatively shock-proof, and although I haven’t tested how waterproof it is, it certainly has had no problems with pretty heavy downpours while riding.

My biggest complaint is that sometimes I ride all day, and since you can’t replace the battery, if the battery dies, I just have to turn it off. It won’t record and charge at the same time without a special cable. I even tried plugging in an external USB battery thingy, but the moment it gets plugged in, the camera switches off and just goes into charging mode.

Edited here to add, the USB cable that it comes with is just a standard cable, it will not allow you to charge while recording.

That said, it will run for a good three hours or so before the battery dies. It’s just frustrating when it happens.

I have been looking at action cams but the GoPro is too expensive for me. This Contour looks like a good alternative but I have also been watching this one from Monoprice.

Products no longer Available

Twice now I’ve seen the Monoprice unit on sale thru Rakuten for $110,one day only.
Any opinions on Woot’s Contour vs the Monoprice?

I’ve actually been looking for a action cam, but am I missing something here or is this really just $15 dollars less (black) than on amazon? Throw in the 2 day shipping cost (cause I’m impatient and its included in prime) in there and its pretty much the same price. Does this package come with extra mounts or something?

…and then, there’s this with a remote, LCD display, many features, modes and a super price to boot.

Every vid i’ve seen so far, the Drift HD falls so far short in image quality opposed to the Contour Roam2 as well as the Hero3… so im not sure why that was even mentioned lol. but the part i dont get is, on Amazon with free shipping this exact action cam ends up being a few dollars less than here… how is this a Woot deal again???

Anyone know if this is OK for Scuba ? What depth waterproof ?

[MOD: Per the specs: Waterproof Depth Rating: 3.3’ / 1.0 m (Camera)]

My first comment on WOOT… Woot woot…

I have two of the contour cameras. The ROAM2 and +2. Used them all season snowmobiling. BOTH cameras are awesome. Quality is great. The ROAM2 I took to disney and was able to use it in the pool and everything without any extra case since it is waterproof. NICE.

As far as the battery on the ROAM2. Yes it is not replaceable so when it dies your screwed. Or are you? If you buy the charging kit, you can use THAT USB cable and an external battery pack to keep it going and charge at the same time. I have 4 batteries for my +2 and a small battery pack for my ROAM2, no problems.

Going to use both cameras with the stop photography feature to show the progress of a demo/remodel of a kitchen Im going to be doing here in the next couple days. Should be interesting when done.

Just a note: It’s my understanding that Contour is now out of business so you won’t get any support.

[MOD: See next post]

They were out of business, but as of 3 April 2014…

No idea what this means for support for older cameras.

So…what is the water resistance rating? In feet or metric I can do the conversion.

[MOD: Per the specs: Waterproof Depth Rating: 3.3’ / 1.0 m (Camera)]

How do you deal with portability and remounting on cameras like this? Say I want to use it on helmit, bike, and most important, as a car cam. Do I need 3 mounts? The 3M stickers that they show, are they apply once and it’s done or are they reusable? Confusing.

I have the +2 and it works great. Very good quality recordings and I beat the crap out of it on my ride to Alaska and back on my motorcycle last year. I got some cool video of me riding some awesome roads. This is a good deal.