ContourROAM2 Waterproof Action Camcorder

I have a GoPro I use for recording motorcycling rides, and I didn’t feel like 60 fps was worth the ≈2× increase in video size. In my opinion, 60 fps+ is really only necessary if you will be doing a lot of editing that involves slow-motion.

I found this on the Contour site:

Profile Mount

Rotating Flat Surface Mount

Ok, so is one of these mounts the one used in the Woot picture to strap it to a bike helmet? And do the straps come with it also?

You take the video off using a USB cable (supplied) and putting it on your computer.

the file sizes are quite large, but the video quality is great. Microphone… not so much.

Here is a video I took skiing with some friends. Part of the haze is youtube, and part is the snowstorm, which ***I’m *** not complaining about. The original video is much clearer than the youtube version.

GoPro still looks goofy as hell. Like someone has glued a small cheap camera to the top of their helmet. Form factor on the Contour is 2nd to none, rotating lens and built in laser level. Good audio and great video. Plus you aren’t screaming “look! i’m so vain i video my downhill ski runs” with a square camera sticking off the top of your head.

I bought one of these for the same price a few months ago. I like it better than a GoPro because it’s so easy to use - slide the switch to record, slide back to turn off. That’s it. Battery life has never been a problem for me so far. Tons of mounts and other accessories are available.
Check out my YouTube channel here for my skiing and dirtbiking videos: Ryan Dobbins - YouTube

I have the original Contour HD 1080p - It’s spectacular. I was pretty bummed when I heard that Contour closed… But they’re back! I’m actually tempted to get this - I have the picatinny rail mount for the contour so I can mount it on a gun… but the recoil causes my original ContourHD’s batteries to pop out just enough so that the camera turns off… I think the Roam2 will not have that issue… plus the instant on is a plus!

And yes - I’ve used my ContourHD underwater with the external water-resistant case (60m one)… - YouTube
- YouTube

I have one of these cameras, I bought it 2 winters ago for while on a ski trip in Colorado.

It has some cool features that I like better than the go-pro:

  1. waterproof without a special case
  2. Shoots a cool laser beam for you to rotate the lens and get a level shot
  3. Has a standard tripod thread on the bottom, so you can build your own mounts with a standard bolt and it threads right on.

I’ve used it for snowboarding, on the side of my motorcycle helmet, on top of my mountain bike helmet, and have always had good results. It has has a big slider on top to turn it on, making it easier to operate with gloves on than the small button on a go-pro.

If you’re really into specs, this does shoot less frames per second at 1080p than the go-pro (30fps instead of 60fps), but I’ve found I like using the tall HD option: 1280x960. It’s like 720p, but taller, so you get more of the view into the shot.

We didn’t get a sample but maybe a VERY NICE WOOTER can answer?

If you want to mount the Contour to a bicycle helmet, you’ll need a different mount that is not sold in the box with the camera. What you’re looking for is called the “VENTED HELMET MOUNT 2550” – it has straps that go around the bars of a bicycle helmet. Typically available on eBay for $18 to $24.

My biggest question with this kind of camcorder is, how hard is it to use this without a view screen?

I am looking for a camcorder mostly for shooting general home movies.

Most peoe have said that doesn’t exist anymore but we were given 200 to buy a camcorder before our first child is born by her parents so we have one. This would he just the right price point if it fits the Rask for us.

This is a poor traditional “Camcorder” it is more of a purpose built POV Action Camcorder. You’d be better off with a video capable point & shoot or traditional camcorder form factor.

There are several better options on Tech Woot in the camera extra

I have a ROAM2 already and am considering picking up another one here.

Based on my experiences, I would NOT recommend a ROAM2 for your stated purpose. Go for something like a JVC Everio camcorder instead.

Warning: long-ass comparison of ROAM2 versus GoPro follows:

The ROAM2 can be a bit inconvenient since you really can’t see what you’ve recorded until after the fact. Contour cameras do not have on-board display screens; in fact, they don’t even have a “Play” button, just a simple on/off slider on the top of the camera.

You have to get to a computer and connect the camera to it via a USB cable to transfer any video files you’ve taken.

Contour’s proprietary software doesn’t allow you to edit the video files either. You can edit the files using other apps or software like Windows Movie Maker, etc.

The selling points of Contour over GoPro are:

  1. Cost. Contours are much cheaper than GoPros.

  2. Ease of use. With the slider on/off switch, there’s no wondering whether the camera is on and recording or not (unlike GoPro, which can fail to record even though you’ve turned it on).

  3. Ease of mounting. It’s pretty waterproof for most outdoor things where you might encounter a rainshower, so you don’t have to worry about an exterior waterproof housing, unlike the GoPro.

  4. Adequate video quality. I found the colors a bit washed out, and the fisheye lens effect is pronounced.

There are things that GoPro cameras have that Contours do not. The following list is not complete, just based on my personal experiences.

If you want a camera with an on-board display and playback capability, then GoPro is for you.

If you want a wireless remote (or capability to use your smartphone to control the camera), then GoPro is for you.

If you don’t mind lugging around and keeping track of a thousand bits and bobs and housings and mounts and so forth, GoPro is for you.

If you want high quality video that you can edit using high-end video software, GoPro is for you.

All that said: If you just want to slap a camera on your mode of transportation or on your helmet and try to catch a bit of video without obsessing about it, then Contour cameras are for you.

And the Waterproof Action Camcorder Case is Paintball-Proof, I can personally attest to that.

Additional note: Keep in mind that when you drop your action camera (and you WILL at some point), the CONTOUR with its metal construction will typically survive - something you cannot say for sure with the other action cameras.

The two mounts shown are the two that are included. I use the rotating mount on my ski helmet. I have also gotten a headband mount, which I’ve used for hot air ballooning and a goggle mount for my ski goggles.
I thought camera was too heavy, and stretched the strap, when used with the goggle mount. I had to keep tightening it, and it stretched the strap.
I switched to the rotating mount and have been happy with the result.

The mount you use will be dependent on the surface of your helmet, or other mounting position.

I agree with the above comments that this is not a good device for regular videoing. It is more for action activities. If you are videoing a child, you want to see the screen and zoom.

Isn’t this an “ACTION Camera”? If so, why would I pay 200$ rather than just jumping to a Go Pro 3…makes no sense.

if only it worked both ways.

Did anyone else notice the price dropped some time today from 159.99 to 149.99? I was thinking about getting one this morning and I noticed it got cheaper.

One of the guys I occasionally ride mountain bikes with brings his Roam2 with him and shoots video of our rides. I don’t know what he uses to edit and add music and all, but the videos come out looking fantastic. The video quality is outstanding. The little ride videos he makes with this look like something you might see on TV. He’s made cool snowboarding vids with it, too. This is truly a great little camera and I’m going to ask my wife if she’ll add it on to my birthday present. (I dunno, though. She already bought me a Torelli Corsa Strada road bike, but I’ll be sure to put in a little effort in my begging.)

Recieved mine today, which was faster than i expected, am impressed with the video so far (walked across the parking lot, pointed it at the sun, walked into the shade, etc) and the white balance adjusted and it didn’t get washed out, mic was good enough to pick me up mindlessly humming along, and at slow speed there was no wind noise, though looking at where the mic pic up was i could see it being an issue at higher speed

To everyone that was concerned you couldn’t change the settings in the field, this isn’t entirely true… While the camera itself has no option to change the settings itself; removing the memory card, plugging it into a phone/tablet/etc capable of reading it, you only need to change the settings in the FW_RTC.txt file (instructions for what all the setting options are are in the file) change the line “UPDATE:N” to “UPDATE:Y” save the file, put the stick back in your camera, and the settings have been updated.

I’m posting this here in case this was a deal breaker as the camera is still available for the same price over on tech woot