ContourROAM2 Waterproof Action Camcorder

I use mine for biking multiple times a week and the battery last over 2h40m. I have it in the front and the gopro hero 2 mounted at the back of the bike:

Contour Roam - Front of bike:


Gopro - Rear of bike:


Ignore the fact these two images are not of the same event, but you get the idea.

Actual video is extremely sharp for both but compression through youtube kills the quality.

People get all bent out of shape that the contour has a built in battery pack. I did initially, but the one that is in the camera seems high quality and I’ve been using it every week for about two years with no degregation (sp?) of the battery. I actually use it more than my gopro, esp skiiing since the form factor is way better.

If you need extra battery life, use a battery pack with usb to get the extra recod time. That’s what I do, but the battery compartment flip cover will have to be left open. No big deal for what I do (biking and skiing), but there is a possibility I may rip off the cover by accident.


Looks like there are firearms rail mounts available, but you do want to be cautious in which one you choose, as seen in this video.

Camera does great, mount does not fair fell.

Well it has mobile connectivity…just not like remote view finder type deal like the Contour+2. But this only has the ability to modify settings using USB OTG cable on a phone or tablet.

The mounts are almost non existent sadly. A company had an alternate mount, but has gone quiet for the past year.

When these were 149.99 on woot, I was like, “wow, great price, I think I’ll get one! Uhh…hmmm…am I really going to use this? I do want to record the down section of one of my favorite mountain biking trails on which I have a top 20 downhill time on Strava, but after that? Maybe not.” Then when it was $129.99, I said the same thing, only I was even more excited and a little closer to pulling the trigger. Now, at $99…I suddenly feel like I’ll use it a little more than just a few times and if I don’t…oh well! Only $99!!! Got a red one! (My first choice of colors!)

I have a friend with one of these. The video quality is excellent. I don’t know what program he uses to do the editing, but the videos he shoots with this look like they could be on TV.

Yeah, I probably should have been more clear in my original post. Thanks for clarifying; still doesn’t help that you can’t do the remote view finder type stuff and definitely an annoyance that you have to plug in to a computer or similar device to change the settings.

I purchased two contour AM2 cameras 2 August, blue and green, when the sign, but only received one of the blue. I have sent many times to you customer service, but has been in the past two days, no one to explain to me the details of this matter, in addition to sending an e-mail every time will be displayed as “support not reply”. In reply to the mail, you promised a reply within 24 hours will give it?

The following is the content of your reply mail:

Hi, Woot member -

Woot Customer Service here to say thanks for the email. We’ll get right on it, starting by assigning you the catchy case number


Our standard Woot Customer Service hours are 8 AM to 5 PM Central, Monday through Friday. We strive to answer all inquiries within 24 hours if at all possible. You might find the answer to your question in our FAQ Either way, you’ll be hearing from us soon.
Thanks for your patience,

Woot Customer Services

I am very helpless, do not understand why woot customer service efficiency will be so slow. This is my first time shopping at woot, hope this is not the last time.

I’m sorry for the problem. I’ll add you to my afternoon report so CS can look into it.

I got my Contour Roam 2. It doesn’t seem to charge. I have a Contour 1 so i should know what I’m doing, right?

I put a memory card in and I can’t even get it to come up as a drive when connected via usb to my desktop.

The only thing that seems to work is the LEDs.

Anyone else having this problem or know what I’m doing wrong?

Electronics are often shipped with completely drained batteries. You might try giving it a full 24h charge for the first charge.

It’s been charging for three + days. It will stay red, then blink red/green.

Will not turn on or show up as a drive with a micro sd card.

I want this camera so I want to get it to work rather than return it, but so far it seems DOA.


Drat, I’m out of ideas. You do have a warranty with Contour. You might contact them to see if they can troubleshoot something.

I haven’t gotten a reply from them. I’d like to start the return process on my camera. Do you have another one you can send out?


I’m sorry. I’m not Customer Service. Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

I was looking forward to receiving this camera. But here we are, 19 days after ordering it, and it still says “shipping soon.” When I emailed, Nikki invited me with glib condescension to “be cool.” Honestly, I don’t see how taking almost 3 weeks to print a shipping label is so cool.

Now, I can’t even get a response to my customer service emails. I’ve been shopping at woot for about 8 years. I’d hate to stop now, but you’re not leaving me much choice here.

I’m sorry for the problems. I’ll add you to my afternoon report so CS can look into it.