Contract Question

Hoping someone can answer a question for me. I’ve already emailed several people with no luck. I also emailedartistpayments@amazon, and they did answer my email but only to direct my question elsewhere to which I’ve not received a response yet.

I had 2 designs chosen for printing in November for the “Holiday Journal” sale (derby #491). From my reading of the derby guidelines I understood that payment for these designs would be a flat rate of $200 for each chosen design, and not the usual commission sales. I thought perhaps I misunderstood, but upon re-reading I still take it that way (1st-3rd and select designs will receive $200).

Can any other artist who printed in that sale confirm the payment method for the sale? And have you been paid for it? Because I’ve not yet received payment if that’s correct and was hoping someone could check on it for me.

If I misunderstood the payout for that derby then it’s fine, but I’m having trouble getting an answer one way or the other. Thanks.

So sorry for the continued delay. The issue has been escalated again; sit tight.

Thanks, much appreciated.

I think the escalator is broken. lol, Just kidding, but I really still haven’t heard from anyone.

Checking with the shirt team again. Sorry for the delay.

I think they must be slammed. I submitted a shirt design 3 weeks ago and sent about 4 different emails with no response to anything.

I’m sure they are. And I definitely get it. I deal with emails at work (to a lesser extent I’m sure) and they can be hard to keep up with. But I’ve been trying to get an answer to my question since late December.