Controversial Tees

Who is George Takai? Is he somehow affiliated with George Takei?

So will this be the most rage filled comment thread ever? It’s the internet, that’s gonna be a hard title to take, but by golly Woot’s giving it their darndest!

I hope it’s not a crazy ragefest.

I like “Special” delivery. I guess I missed it when it was originally offered. Was it controversial?

I don’t understand that one. Could you please explain?

The original title was
“Po.rn Stars,” I hope this helps. now can some one explain why the Avengers was controversial? I missed that one.

Thanks. That makes sense.

I assumed some people felt the Avengers shirt was disrespectful to veterans and the original monument.

Yes, there was that, or whatever. I’m upset that it mixes DC and Marvel characters. PICK A SIDE.

Almost certainly not, as this is a plus sale, and therefore won’t attract as much attention. Also, these aren’t even the really controversial designs, like that x-rayed candy one. C’mon Woot, step it up!

I got my controversial tee, during the shirt-off detour, with Science Rules!

If Independence=Independents were here, as it should be, I would buy it in a heart beat.

Both shirts should be here.

Bring on the popcorn. :slight_smile:

There’s little attention paid here … until something goes wrong. Folks, the time to ask questions about any uncertainties with the products is before you order, NOT after they arrive.

They ran that in a side sale a week and a half ago.

I have a few of these through incidental acquisitions (aka from Wooters who rather a stack of older Woot/AA shirts go to a “good home” instead of a thrift store where they might end up being cut up and turned into rags instead).

When it comes to controversy here at shirt.Woot, I do perfer the type that’s more like … “WHERE ARE THE LEGS?!”

Good point, forgot about that. But still, these all seem a bit low on the controversy totem pole. The mystery of the disappearing woman was my favorite relevant event as well. :slight_smile:

I get the row vs. wade shirt but how is that controversial? Sure it’s making light of an important historic event, but there’s got to me more to it than that, right?

I love the China 2145 shirt.

Crap I have the haunted house shirt and would have loved to get my hands on the remix version.

On the scale of 1 to a homeless man fondling himself in public in a dark alley way, how appropriate will it be if I wore the “F This” shirt into a classroom full of kindergarteners?

I believe there was some controversy when some people got these in bags of kid Randoms. D’oops.

I once received a random woot of a K6 size, Fuming Mad, not a school shirt or you will be called by the front office! -


Wow! I didn’t know anyone even remembered that old thing.

They actually put it in a Plus sale last year around this time with a few other election-themed shirts…