Converse Bags

Nice basic color backpacks - and truly, can you ever have too many bags?

This site shows the innards of the large canvas backpack:

Here’s a link that shows the Off The Bench Duffel is more than your father’s duffel (or is it duffle?):

I have the older version of these duffels. They are all-purpose very handy to have. I’ve used them for moving, for day trips, for longer trips, etc. They hold up over time and everyone always asks me where I got mine or they compliment it any time I use it. It’s a perfect grab and go bag when you don’t have the time to drag out luggage.

Shoot, if I had free shipping from a jumbowoot coupon I’d buy one of these in a second.

The $5 really does make that much of a difference ._.

You could get some glowsticks, unlock free shipping, put them in the bag…

I’d have to buy so many glowsticks to fill that bag…

72 glowsticks take up more space than you think!

Okay, maybe not that much space. But you’d be prepared for an emergency with a bag and glowsticks.