Converse Digital and Analog Watches

This can’t be woot!. None of these watches have a msrp of $875.00.

any back-light on the remix?

Our tester took one into a dark closet and reports that there is a back-light button.

Got one of these first time around. I think it’s worth mentioning (about the Converse Timing Pickup watch)-- it beeps every hour, on the hour. Style-wise, it’s typically not what I’d wear, but the beeps every hour make work so, so much easier.

I love the color of this. It would make a nice present. I checked the price on amazon and they sell it for $37+ for the black/gold watch. Good Deal here

Do they include the original box, instructions?

Is the buckle on the black/gold watch gold or silver? It is gold in one picture and silver in another.

What are the functions of the Timing Pickup watch?

I ordered 4 of these watches and 3 out of 4 arrived DOA. I contacted customer service but have received no response yet. Just wondering if anyone can help me out with this issue. Thank you.