Converse Watch Sale

this watch would be cool if it wasn’t for the glaring “converse” logo…

Light colored face with light colored hands or dark colored face with dark colored hands makes every one of these hard to read.

Without the date option, this watch is a no go for me. :frowning:

I like the green one and the black one.

@KyserSoze Who wears a watch to read the time, anyways? That’s what my iPhone is for!

A watch with a black face and black dial? I’d rather have an Archie McPhee backwards clock – at least it confuses the visitors rather than just me.

With dark hands on dark face or white on white, one can’t really tell the time, but it’s a nice opening to converse.

Ok, just called my buddy and he’s going to go caption each photo with its color and size.

Also, the last photo is the blue one. Hard to tell. That may part of the confusion with the black watches.

EDIT: Photos are updated now so it should be easier.

Wow, Woot. Zillions of stylish watches in the world and this is the best you could do? I am disappoint.

I so agree with you. I’d buy this watch if the face were all black. It’s like they missed the whole point of their own design. (I guess they wanted to make a different point.)

thanks for removing my question, because it hasn’t been answered yet :slight_smile:

if you check the pictures with white strap, you’ll notice they are pretty different. one white strap clearly has plenty of black detailing, the other one only has one strap of black near the buckle.

do i need to screenshot this so i won’t have to post it again when it’s removed?

Since they’re analog these watches aren’t Mac compatible, but I think they should work on my Heathkit EC-1 with a software update.

I think the different amounts of black correspond to the different face sizes. Large face means that you have black for the plastic parts while small face means that you have white plastic parts. Note that this all depends on which color strap you have chosen.

Ive got 20/10 vision and not a fan of metal or rubber bands… the black-on-black versions looking good for this fella

Whoops, sorry. I thought it was answered by the photo captioning. Was trying to clean up some so it was easier to scan the thread now that we fixed up the photos.

Yes, there are two white strap watches and they have different detailing. One is noted as the large face watch; the other as the small face watch.

I imagine the white straps would get stained very quickly even on a low maintenance day.

well, there’s a fella in Pawnee, Indiana called Tommy Fresh who really advocates the black on black. You should see his business cards.

The only version that would be more impractical and even less desirable would be an LCD black-on-black model…

What, no purple option? Sad! :frowning:

This must be the best revenge gift for the money… Nothing says “I HATE YOU” like a watch built to camouflage time from you.