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I was sure I’d seen the Linden and Amul sofa bed styles before, and I was right. However, this one costs less and adds one more feature, so it is a great bargain. Even better, you don’t have to haul it home and assemble it from flat packed boxes yourself! If I had a spare $700 in my pocket right now, I’d buy it. We need a new one, since our old den sofa bed was retired a few months ago to brighten up a refuse dump somewhere.

$799 from IKEA:

$699 also from IKEA:

the design is similar, but the ikea ones are a bit different when it comes to size and finish.

FYI ikea do sell a sectional sofa bed that’s $500.

I owned the orange version of the Basilica. I cannot imagine a more uncomfortable and useless piece of furniture. It might look cool, but it’s awkward for sitting, and only useful for guests to sleep on if you truly hate that guest.

Um, why are this

and this

the exact same thing with different spec listing and new listing etc…the same pics are used but literally flipped…

One comes with a left-hand chaise chair; the other with a right-hand chaise. So yes, they are flipped in a sense.

The Linden / Amul sofa beds are an awesome idea–already having a hide-a-bed sofa, I considered getting one to replace my regular bed. Maybe I am too fond of elegant, multifunctional designs?

Now if Woot sold something like this, I would be all over it:

I wouldn’t even need a bed at all anymore! I could simply sleep in the office! That’s not so bad…is it, Woot staffers? :->

This exemplifies why most people are so loathe to purchase furniture online… unless you already know and have experienced the exact model you are buying, it is too unnerving to buy something in which you have never sat.

I wish they named them Amul, and Luma. Come onnn, that was an easy one!

I glanced at the category really fast and read “Combustible Sofas.”

I was like… wut?

We’ve actually been looking at this type of model (an older ikea model with nearly identical features), and haven’t pulled the trigger bcs it was just a hair too long. This is actually shorter by a few inches. But I’m just not sure about seating comfort, given that I can’t plop my virtual buttocks down on the virtual sofa to see. And I am assuming there’s no backsies on this, of course. Hmmm…

I am guessing you haven’t seen that one in the store or sat on it, because it is not comparable at all - a very cheap imitation. I posted the link to the ones we saw in IKEA and they were good, more supportive than my old spring-style sofa bed that needed a special board to make it even halfway sleepable.