Cook‘s Essentials Chocolate Treat Maker



Cook‘s Essentials Chocolate Treat Maker
$6.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Cook‘s Essentials Chocolate Treat Maker - CECM1R


Here is a quick summary of the WOOT-OFF so far:

Start Quantity
12:00 AM 600 Mystery Brand 6 Piece 100 watt Speaker Set
12:08 AM 200 Monster Big Screen TV Kit
12:49 AM 50 Nikko 1/14 Scale Lancer Evo High Performance R/C Car
12:57 AM 20 Beyond Smart Mill & Brew Coffee Maker
1:06 AM 18 HP F1903 19 inch LCD Monitor
1:13 AM 70 Vivitar Vivicam 8.1MP Digital Camera


Woot Off-
TV Speakers, TV Cables, RC Car, Coffee Maker, LCD Monitor, DigiCam, Treat Maker…


Froogle says $10 to $31

Not bad if the $10 isn’t free shipping (which it most likely isnt), considering 3.


Woot Off-
TV Speakers, Monster TV cables, RC car, Coffee maker, HP LCD Monitor, Vivitar Camera, Chocolate melting pot…


Froogle says $24.99… this is a good deal if you can find a resale market for it (or just really want one).


If anyone got more than they wanted, message me. I’d REALLY like one for my wife.


Does anybody happen to have the link to the “woot checker”? I have it on my pc at work, but I just left there, and I don’t have it at home… :frowning:

Also, did anybody else notice these are particularly low quantity woots?


I bought two - one of my best friends has one of these and loves it. We make chocolates as gifts every holiday so this will be handy.

Sorry I bought the last two. :frowning:


These arrived on the 22nd - thanks woot!