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Regarding the Shun Select knife deal

I love Shun Knives, and this is a fairly good deal. I got it few months back, and was very happy with my purchase… untill this week. My pairing knife slipped off of the cutting board while i was loading the dish washer, and fell onto the inside of the stainless steel dishwasher door, blade first.

I have had many Shun knives, some for over ten years. Asside from the occasional small knick in the blade, i have not experienced the well known Shun fragility. This time, however, the tip of my pairing knife snapped completely. About a centemeter broke off.

I was able to restore the point using a range of stones and some elbow grease, but the knife is not as elegant or well proportioned as it once was. I am very sad.

why does the chicago 6.75 santoku knife have part 1091392 for 9.99 and the santoku SP (slightly different picture - notice grooves are not in same spots) have a part number 1091392 and is 8.99?

looks similar…slightly different? same part# different price points…trying to wrap my head around similar pictures…similar sizes and names…slightly different prices.

same thing? older model vs newer model of the same thing?

I bought the Waring fryer last time it was up. Used it to cook some frozen things (fries are much better than from oven) and fried oreos.

I want to say it cooks a little bit hot compared to what it’s reading on the dial, but this can be adjusted by dialing down the temperature just a bit.

Otherwise, fantastic fryer. Much bigger basket than my old fryer, and it comes apart for cleaning very easily.

Oggi stackable storage bins don’t have the proper dimensions listed in the prouct headers

The Fiesta 6-Piece Steak Knife Sets - 4 Colors deal is “good to go”!

Woot’s offering is 40% less than Fiesta’s current sale price of $49.99 on this set.

More… Fiesta isn’t offering the colors available right now from Woot… albeit, if you must have the “Multi-colored Bright”, “Scarlet” or “Black” set, Fiesta has you covered.

FYI - Fiesta’s “regular price” on this set is $69.99.

Does anyone have any experience with the refurbished Cuisinart Ice cream maker?

I have the older version of it… which will basically be exactly the same.

Pro: you don’t need ice/salt to get the ice cream to make.
Con: the bowl/basket takes DAYS to freeze. It might refreeze overnight from partially frozen but I haven’t tried. The bowl takes a lot of space in the freezer and doesn’t hold that much when you factor in the effort that goes into making ice cream.

All in all, I barely use mine because of those factors. Too long to freeze, too small a bowl, etc. I’d rather a regular one that uses ice because it’s quite simple to get ice from the store while I’m picking up the other supplies and then I can make as many batches as I want (i.e. different flavors)

Dang it, wish we knew before we bought it on a prior sale of it. O well, we haven’t used it yet so we can gift it to someone who isn’t a favorite person in the loop.

How big is the actual basket on it and any idea about temperature ranges? I want to use it for wax dipping 3D Printed parts (its my job) and if the temp control can go low enough, I would take the chance and of course, if the basket is large enough.

Ok. Second verse same as the first-- what is the country of origin for the Chicago Cutlery Walnut Traditional? Where are they made?

Likely they have more of the cheaper one.

I have the 1.5Qt model and I love it. If the bowl takes longer than overnight to freeze, it is your freezer that is shoddy, not the bowl. Mine froze solid overnight, and refreezes after use overnight without a problem. I love making sorbet in it, as well as ice creams. Whatever you make will come out a soft-serve consistency, but tempering in the freezer for several hours firms it up nicely. That’s how any ice-cream maker works, even those that cost hundreds more. I use my Cuisinart at least 3 times a month.

Anyone have any experience with the slicer?

Here’s an image:

Sorry, the only object I had nearby for reference was a Bic lighter, but it’s about two Bic lighters long and wide, and about one Bic lighter deep.

Also, in case it’s too blurry, the fryer goes as low as 175F before it hits standby mode, and a max temperature of 375F.

Bought it a couple of weeks ago.

Serrated blade and spins a bit slower than I thought, which is actually a good thing so I don’t feel as afraid of it.

It could roll along the track a bit better, but all in all it’s pretty easy to use and works pretty well.

Used to it to thinly slice 4 lbs of semi frozen flank steak for beef jerky and I enjoyed that it cut my prep time well over half.

Clean up isn’t too terrible either, blade pops out easily, and I just wiped down any parts that didn’t come off completely with a solution of water and vinegar.

Look forward to making italian beef next week.

I was wondering how these things actually stack.

If you fill them as shown, I don’t see how they could securely stack. The bin you attempt to place on top, would seem to hit the two soda cans on top first.

pretty sure the deep fryer is just a refurbished:

I bought one last August and love it. Works great, only needs overnight to freeze (depends on your freezer), and we make ice cream all the time. Once every few weeks so we don’t get toooooo chubby…

Lesson seems to be: YMMV

No idea where they are made, but they are available for the same price at Walmart and Amazon. Amazon reviews are not good and say the knives (even when hand-washed) are poor quality and deteriorating quickly.
Amazon Reviews: