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Make it. Bake it. Serve it. We’ve got you covered. Follow the gold button. It calls you.


essentially the same thing at target for 9 bucks more. so when you factor in shipping, you’re saving 4 bucks. i would like to get this thing, but it’s only 4 bucks less… hrmph.


even cheaper if you include the shipping cost of woot:


I’ve got the corn dog maker and the donut maker and they’re a big hit.

Not sure why the corn dog maker is called a pretzel dog maker though.

Amazon has the Nostalgia Pie Maker like the one in the link above for $19.


I would love these if they made them modular so you could just buy one heating unit and then the plates/molds for the different snacks. I do love me some good snacks, but not enough to store even two or three of these, unfortunately.


SO do you use a corn dog batter with your, or do you just use dough?


I would like to see the lemonade maker in action, or possibly know if anyone has had prior experience with one of these.


Oooh, the temptation of making individual steak and kidney pies for a grab ‘n’ go lunch…


I got the quasadilla maker last time (not being sold this time around) and it’s a huge hit!

Nice and crispy every time.

Anybody else getting “eebler” in the product title?


Some of this would be cool, I just have so much cooking “what nots” that my wife would probably divorce me if I bought any more.


Anyone have experience with the Mini Pizza Maker?

It seems weird to cook pizza this way, so I’d like to know if they bake anywhere near the consistency of regular oven pizza.


The mini pizza maker and the mini pie maker look like they’re the basically the same appliance.


Found Brownie Maker on Amazon for $21, so with Amazon Prime it makes it the same price.


These are all mono-taskers: they take up lots of kitchen space and only do one thing well. As one person says, its too bad they don’t have one that has replaceable plates.


Or - for the mini-pie idea, you can use the babycakes machine (evidently) which gives you more pies and can also be used for cupcakes. More money but more stuff.–-in-just-12-minutes/


This has a few different plates in one unit:


I have the pigs-in-a-blanket maker. It’s great for making mini corn dogs. I buy the beef lil smokies and the boxed cheapo cornbread mix. I mix up the cornbread batter in a ziplock bag and snip the corner for ease of dispensing, fill each (lightly greased) pod with a dab of cornbread mix, then drop on a lil smokie, then top with a nice glob of cornbread. Cook for a few minutes, flip over and cook one more, just to brown the top well. Voila. Mini corn dogs.

I also can make almost anything else that comes in batter form in it. Mini brownie bites. Mini muffin bites. Mini dinner rolls. My next project is to try some mini chocolate chip cookie logs.

These things are all ba-a-a-asically the same thing… just pick a shape or three you like and experiment away.


Really? I only see the one Pie set of plates.