Cooklite Aerofryer - You Pick

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Cooklite Aerofryer - You Pick
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Doesn’t seem like much of a deal…I just had this delivered that seems to do the same thing for cheaper:

Can we not have morons write descriptions?
The term “radiation free method” is asinine.
All light emitting devices emit radiation.
Please hire competent people to write those (SMH).

Information about the products comes from the vendor or manufacturer. We could make up way more useless facts than that. :slight_smile:

Could, would, have, and let’s not get started on the photos of staff demonstrating products.

The point being don’t believe everything you read and certainly not everything you see. If you like the price or concept of an item, research it more on your own. Don’t rely solely on this site to make a final decision.

While we’re on the subject, check out the leg holster deftly being marketed as a scope under the Sports section.

Ya know, TT, simply brushing things off on the vendor doesn’t really absolve Woot…

This is especially true when you run stratospheric supposed MSRPs. One of these days someone is going to call you on it in a big way…you have a duty to your customers to ensure that MSRPs are based in reality.

We do as much checking as we can given the quantity of sales we have active. Like most retailers, we depend on info from the vendors and manufacturers. We often don’t have samples to check facts. This is no different than Amazon & Walmart. Amazon has the radiation-free line as well.

MSRP is never based on reality. If you find one that’s way off, let us know. Just don’t confuse retail prices on other sites with MSRP on ours.

How big is this? I can’t find that information anywhere.

Amazon says

Product Dimensions 12.4 x 11 x 12.4 inches

So is this an actual airfryer or just a small convection oven?

I was looking into these when they when the Phillips airfryers went on sale last month and those seemed to be like deep fryers with only very little oil involved. I am wondering if these are the same type of product.

Hey–I personally understand Infrared cooking doesn’t involve body harming radiation. BUT there are people who just don’t understand or hear radiation and they leap to thinking about nuclear energy. Hmmm What a thought; cooking with 92 U 238.0. Let’s leave the NO Radiation cooking statement in and snicker.

Too late. We already removed it. :tongue:

Is 12.4" its diameter? I need to know if it is large enough to make a pizza (I have a NuWave oven that is on its last leg and need a replacement…I was able to make a pizza in it). The picture makes it appear to be too small, but maybe it’s misleading.

So by your own admission the MSRP is a pointless number. Okay… Stop listing it at all. It isn’t like anyone except someone’s very old mom or dad is dumb enough to believe it, so stop trying to take advantage of old people - we have enough televangelists to do that already.

Many of us have asked but MSRP/List is still used by some buyers out there.

it seems to be a circle and those 2 dims are the same so I would guess the ht is the 11"…
Small Pizza?

Been looking to try one of these but just cant pull the trigger…

So if i was in a jam and dryer wasnt working could i put my underwear and socks in there to dry.with no oil of course and would i have to put them over night or could i do it while taken a shower…

Yeah, we’re not even going to answer that.

I did try microwaving socks. It was a bad idea. Melted the nylon or polyester threads.