Cookware & Bakeware From KitchenAid

From the write-ups:

“This KitchenAid cake pan features carbon steel construction with a handy non-stick surface.”

“… and the nonstick that lines the cookie pan means cookies, brownies and pastries lift off easily and leave little to clean up.”

Does anyone know what this “nonstick” is made of?

Yes, I have the same question. I believe it’s hard anodized aluminum (if I’m looking at the correct item on Amazon) but can someone please confirm?

I just emailed the buyers to see if we have this info. I’ll post back when I get an answer. :slight_smile:

From the (inadequate) photo, it doesn’t appear to be coated with any non-stick at all.

Any answer yet on what the non-stick interior is made of?

Not yet. Still waiting to hear back from vendor. :frowning:

Hey everyone- It sounds like we aren’t able to get the info about the non-stick material. I’m sorry for any inconvenience. :frowning: