Cookware Fer Th' Home Chef

I got the skillet set last time it was up and I’m pretty pleased with the quality. The bases have a thick disc of stainless (perhaps with something else in it, I don’t know) that makes them heat nice and even, but they don’t take forever to get to temp. The nice thing about that added material is they shouldn’t warp (time will tell) like my old Calphalon has started to.

Lids are nice, the polished stainless looks good, and the nonstick is real slippery (new nonstick is always real slippery when compared to a 10 year old pan).

I’d buy more if I needed more. Good stuff.

Chances are the material in the base is ceramic.

I love my Belgique set (not sold here), one of which I’ve had over 22 years. The key with ceramic base sets is to be sure not to use super high heat or heat with nothing in the pot for very long as the ceramic can melt, and the result is not good for your stove.

Is this stockpot made in the U.S.A. ?

Can you link to the stockpot you’re asking about?

I bought the Cuisinart skillet duo last time. They are really nice. Both the 9" and 11" are perfectly weighted, excellent non-stick surface. I can get a nice sear on meats and stick them in the oven for finishing. Best kitchen purchase I’ve done in a while.

I also bought the GreenPan 2qt saucepan. It is very nice, as well. Some really great buys here.

Same as a couple months ago, the J. A. Henckels International 40262-280 Steel Clad 8 qt Stock Pot is still cheaper by $19 here.

Bought the Cuisinart 12 piece SS set last month and very happy with them. Nice weight, even cooking and easy cleanup. Just remember to cook on med or med low.

Zwillings-Online (the manufacturer) is selling the "J.A. Henckels STEELCLAD 8-qt Stainless Steel Stock Pot with Lid"for $39.99 (sold here on Woot for $58.99)


C’mon, W00t!, where’s the old-school bargains???

For petes sake - Office Max is selling the Cuisinart Chef’s Cast Iron Fry Pan for a buck more any day of the week… free shipping if I spend a few bucks more. OFFICE MAX.

Fissler Original Pro Collection-4 qt. This looks like quite the bargain! Amazon has a 3qt. for $180…I think I’d rather get a bigger pan for $70 (with shipping) WOOT! WOOT!

shellshock…what the hell is that all-clad copper core pan doing on here?! That’s a nice deal.