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I own one of the spill stoppers. It is awesome. No more boil overs on my cooktop. Buy it!!

Thank you for that. I was looking at it about half hour ago wondering if it indeed worked.


I wonder if it would work to help with my homebrew boil overs. But the XL and L all seem to have the same dimensions so I’m not sure it would fit my 5gal stock pot.

The XL is 13"
The L is 12"

… sigh…

The “J. A. Henckels International 40262-280 Steel Clad 8 qt Stock Pot” is STILL available for $19 less here.

I wish somebody would go ahead and buy out one source or the other so I don’t feel obligated to dredge it up every time this item is listed here.

As long as the pot is not too full, if you place a wooden spoon across the top of the pot, it will stop a boil over also. Didn’t believe it till I tried it and now it’s just an automatic thing I do.

Some gourmet stores sell a glass gadget about the side of a hockey puck that you put in the bottom of a pot. It rattles around when boiling temp is reached, but the pot does not boil over. Not sure how it works, but it is easy to clean.

i have heard this is true but it has never worked for me.

[they are not full to the brim either, and if the pot were any less full i wouldn’t need the spoon trick as the water would stay in on its own.]

not a big deal, i’m a habitual clean-as-i-cook type anyway, but kinda disappointing.

Would the “Casabella 53670 Silicone Spoon Rest” come as a 2 pack or is it only one? (Pics vs. Description Conflict) If it is just one, which color?


You are getting one. Per the features:

Color selected at random. May receive either green or blue.