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Lodge is made in China? I read somewhere that they were a U.S. company. Too bad if this is correct! :frowning:

My mom gave me a cast iron grill pan like one of these for Christmas one year. It was one of the best gifts ever. There were times when I would cook on this thing every day of the week. Grilled chicken, pork chops, shrimp skewers, steak, fish, asparagus, corn on the cob, you name it. On a diet? Grill some lean meat and steam some veggies and you’re good to go. Everything tastes great on it and it’s much less fuss than grilling on a charcoal or gas grill.

Enamel Lodge is made in China. Cast Iron (no enamel) is made in the US.

TT has it right. If it is in color, it’s Chinese. If it’s black, it’s American.

And, if it’s American, the finish won’t chip.


Be advised that the virtually all non-stick cookware in the U.S. is still teflon (PTFE). The stuff was intended for low-friction bearings on guided missiles.

PTFE products are known human carcinogens. Also, the fumes from decomposing PTFE (e.g. “Teflon”) can be fatal to birds, if over-heated. Why would anyone want to cook with them? Answer: to cook without using oil.

QuanTanium does contain PTFE

Alternatives are: stainless steel or copper, or cast iron, enameled cast iron, silicone bakeware, or ceramic cookware. These are more durabe, safer, and don’t transmit bad stuff into your food.

tl;dr avoid non-stick cookware, use cast iron or stainless steel

I agree. I’m even skeptical of silicone bakeware.

Or implants.

The Shun Edo Knifes are fantastic, and thats a fantastic price for all three. I paid a bit over $100 per knife just a few weeks ago… I only bought two, but I basically could have gotten a third for free…


Okay that last line there went too far :wink:

it’s reasonable skepticism, considering the FDA doesn’t want to talk about this subject. And their safety testing is often a house of cards. The whole CHEMICALS IN PLASTIC issue is a real buzz kill.

I wanted to believe in silicone, but now looking into it, it’s not a good idea. Glass, cast iron and stainless steel are really the only truly safe ways to go.

I can tell you the Fissler pressure cookers are made to last for years. I’m confident we could will ours to one of our kids.

… are there going to be any new CI offerings comeing to Woot! anytime soon? USA versions in particular … :wink:

I have a pair of Lodge enameled cast iron dutch ovens that have worked incredibly well for the last several years. Plan to add skillets next. Would be happy to get rid of all my non-stick although Calphalon ONE works pretty well.

Bought the stanless steel Kitchen-Aid pot set a while ago. Construction is phenomenal - but none of the included lids fit the 10" pan, which is a pretty epic fail for what is supposed to be a “matched set” of pans. The 10" pan itself is a real red-heded stepchild - they should have made it a 12". Good luck making dinner for more than 2 in the smallish 10"…

although the enamel/colored Lodge Cast Iron is made in China, I think they are more safe to use on ceramic top stoves.

Lodge ECSGP43 Grill pans available for less elsewhere.

Great price for the cookie sheets!!!