Cookware Sets ONLY

The MultiClad 10 pc set is currently on amazon for $299 so this Woot! looks like a good deal for a change.

Backhanded compliment but we’ll take it.

Cuisinart does a horrible job of documenting support for induction. I know I am in a minority, and I really don’t need MORE pans anyway… But I assume based on the construction that none of them do…

This was my question too. I would think that it WOULD work with induction, but there’s no telling if it works as well as most all-steel pans.

Does anybody know if this set has a smooth bottom? I just got a glass top stove and I don’t want it to scratch the stove top.

Some of the sets note in the features if they work with induction or not. If you’re looking at one that doesn’t, let me know and I’ll see what I can find out.

Howdy! Which set are you lookin’ at?

T-fal Signature Nonstick Thermo-Spot 12 pc. Cookware Set

The red set that 49.99

These are links…

There’s a pic of the bottom on the T-fal site.

Amazon question about if the bottoms are smooth

People on Amazon say no problem for glass top stoves.

Hope that helps.

PS: I’ve had a glass top for years. It’s pretty darn hard to scratch them. And this stuff is awesome for cleaning it.

That helps a ton, thanks!

YAY! :happy: