Are the Berndes pots/pans induction friendly? I can’t seem to find these on their site, is there an existing product they make that these are a spin-off of? Why only a 90 day warranty (and any options to extend warranty)? Are these ok for use in an oven as well (and if so, to what temp)?

Not sure if this helps, but I was able to find the products here:

Seems these are aluminum with a ceramic coating, so I don’t think they’ll work on an induction range (but I could be wrong).

Thanks for the link! Product info at that site does say the cookware is oven safe to 350F. Doesn’t say if it’s induction friendly but lists the construction of the body as aluminum so I would assume it is… If a woot staff member helps me out, you just may get another sale! :slight_smile:

I can forward your post along to the buyer to see if I can get an answer. I’ll repost any info I find.
Thanks for the inquiry!

[EDIT: I’ve gotten word from the buyer, and he informed me that the sale you are looking at is NOT induction friendly. I hope this information is helpful]

Hey I found this review on for the same product, hope it helps you. “Not good for induction cook top. Returned product. Manufactures web site lead you to believe that their product was good for induction cook top.”

Darn! I’ve been reading a lot into ceramic cookware from the different manufacturers out there and with the exception of just a couple product lines, most work with induction. Too bad these seemed great.

DO NOT BUY the Kitchen Aid 10-piece set. It is GARBAGE! Bought the same set less than two years ago and literally tossed the whole set in the garbage yesterday. Within 1 year the teflon was scratched and peeling and the ceramic finish had faded to light pink. When I threw it out yesterday - teflon had peeled up from half the stock pot bottom and the ceramic finish was chipping off and leaving pink dust all over my cabinet. GARBAGE! Yes I put it in the dishwasher - shot me - instructions said it was dishwasher safe but hand washing was recommended.

That’s pretty unfortunate, but I’m not surprised. I believe induction cook tops work usually with magnetic material and aluminum isn’t magnetic and they don’t mention another core or layer. It sounds like aluminum only without another core or layer of some kind.

On another note, I hope the Saute pan is good. I basically used it to replace a very small chef’s pan that I essentially use for boiling water and cooking very small amounts of pasta and hard boiled eggs. I’m hoping it works out since it appears the walls are high enough.

I bought both the Berndes pans when they were available last time and was really disappointed with them. Bacon sticks to the surface and after regular uses so do eggs. You have been warned…

These reviews are awesome. They have stopped from buying several items on Woot.

I was interested in the ceramic wok, but would like to know what size it is and whether or not it is induction friendly. Thank you.

Just realized the wok is Berndes, too, so probably not induction friendly.