Can anyone confirm what sort of stainless steel the WMF wok is? Triclad, multiclad, or all clad?


Ok, that Lodge skillet is now at Wally-World prices. If I didn’t already have 2 of them, I’d be in for 2 or 3 more.

Yes, they’re Lodge. Yes, the interior is not as good as antique Wagner or Griswold, but come on, they’re $20 plus shipping!

(If you think you’re getting the Woot “!” at Wal-mart, you’re kidding!)

I still may get a few more.



Loving my Woot skillet, and I paid more than $20!

It gets a little better every time I use it.


You can smooth down Lodge Skillets, several people have done it and posted about it, just run a search. I’m thinking of smoothing down a small 6" Lodge Skillet I recently purchased, just to see if there’s a difference. I also own a 12" Lodge Skillet, they’re pretty good once you use them a few times. Of course if you smooth it down you’ll have to season the pan again, there’s some talk about what oils work best to do this, links on more info are below.

“Chemistry of Cast Iron Seasoning: A Science-Based How-To”


It’s tri-ply construction.


I’m thinking about sanding one down and doing that linked seasoning. I figure if I am going to strip one to reseason I might as well smooth it out, too.


i have the lodge skillet, and it works great!!!

learned a lot from Woot! links about seasoning and using cast iron, and i have been thrilled with the purchase.

I may have to buy more as gifts, especially at this price.


i also have the nordic giant creme filled cookie pan, and that works great, too.

The secret is dropping the pan from a height to get the bubbles out from the bottom, so it is smooth.

i have also bought these pans and gifted them, and i will buy another set at this price!!!

Who DOESN’T like a giant creme filled cookie cake?!?!?!?!?!!


I used a griddle block to smooth out my Lodge stuff. (It’s a 4X4X10 chunk of pumice stone.) I get them at a rest. supply store for $1 or so, each. I don’t try to get perfection, just sand down the mountaintops, while filling in the valleys with seasoning.

I’ve also used the flax-seed oil, but found it was too brittle. Now I use corn, soy oil, or bacon grease. (Do NOT use bacon grease on bare iron. It’s got salt in it.)