Cool Breeze

Passion Of The Tree

Cool shirt

Congrats! =)

Cool breeze for the win. Got mine. Congrats and love the design :smiley:

Nice! best shirt Ive seen so far, surprised this wasn’t ofered the 21st/22nd

I have too many brown shirts, but I’d love a desktop wallpaper of this image…

Congratulations Discodancing! Love the shirt and can’t wait to get mine.

bought it! i love being a music major…great design

Ahh there are not the same count in every measure!

This and decomposition my top 2… decomposition being tops

Great shirt!

Nice, I like it. Not cartoony and simple. In for another shirt.

great design…

thumbs up

This actually looks pretty cool. Might be my first shirt.woot!

I am so glad this one won… Great shirt to wear to choir on those days that we start a really difficult piece…

awesome shirt, love the colors

what is the song on the shirt???

Cool shirt design.
I like it was the winner

Cho notwithstanding.

I really like the shirt, but it would be A LOT better if all of the measures had the same amount of beats like they’re supposed to…

I was deciding weather or not to get one. I didn’t really like any of the designs that won, but this was my favorite out of the 4. For $10 though it’s really making me want one more and think twice.

When Autumn Leaves start to fall. . .
Awesome shirt!