Cool Cats

Wow… that’s ballin’

Congrats, Tora!

aw… they think they’re human

Hip cat looks like a fox! I smell a fake!

love the so hot it’s “cool” glow color effect…

I spy with my little eye, a cat without retractable claws.

Interesting content, just doesn’t leave me feeling my friskies, though.

These cats are too cool to LOL.

I think the Boss is a caracal. He has those cool ear tufts.

0Mg, this is so friggin’ hilarious!!!

Its too cool for skool. Plus it almost looks 3D

Looks like Stellar Cat is ready for Avatar.

I wonder what the “Bee’s Knees” version of this shirt would look like… Probably way less cool.


So much for being a cool hip cat, or is spelling for squares!??

i kinda just wanna “squeeze” this shirt

Trying to name them and failing.

Radical cheetah, sweet tiger, fly lynx, bodacious lion… tubular jaguar? Ballin’ panther? Fresh, stellar and gnarly are various domesticated breeds… hip is something in the desert…

A fennec fox! They’re neither cats nor dogs, but share aspects of both, however they tend to lean more towards the cat side of the spectrum as far as personality goes.

Are these cat personalities or names of secret levels in Mario World?

Last wooter to woot: goldenthorn


Doesn’t look like a fennec fox to me, but they’re the first “desert fox” that comes to my mind as well.