Cool Gadgets from iTouchless

If your a prime member you will save a $1 ordering with amazon but if you group this with other orders woot it becomes a deal.

Hmm, I have to think that whomever created these (albeit, quite fine items) may have been a touch (no pun intended, of course) OCD… I’ll take two of each, please!

(When I lived amongst the hippies in college, there was a man who wore flip-flops with socks, and bags over his hands whenever he paid for anything. I think he’d be proud, though he’s probably long gone now… From too much sanitation and not enough exposure to germs that build up your resistance… I have to admit, I felt bad for the guy, though he got around, no doubt!)

That said, I’m way grossed out about touching toothbrushes, and when people using sinks after handing raw food, so I may be a touch IN touch with my OCD side. I must leave now to ponder on this. And wash my hands. A few more times.


I have one of the iTouchless Pepper/Salt Mills that I found in a box at a thift store a few years ago. I use it for salt. It is hard on batteries. Be prepared to use brand name AAA batteries or it will not work for long on unbrand.

Using the same link I see Amazon gives you 2 for $19.95. That’s a bit more than a $1 saving.

Same here. Per “In the box”:

(1) iTouchless Stainless Pepper Mill & Salt Grinder 2-Pack