Cool In The 90's

Portable gaming has been cool since bones started rolling in caves ; )

Ah… the good ol’ game boy days…

My children were nestled all snug in their dreams,
While all shapes of Tetris blocks danced on my screen

To the top of the screen went the blocks in my game,
As I tried for a record I’d never obtain.

At last I’d give up and I’d creep off to bed,
Now these days I play on my desktop instead!

Nintendo portables are still cool. It’s just the 3DS now.

Unless the t-shirt is referring to the giant robot Game Boy from the second season of Captain N. That Game Boy was never cool.

The hipsters are all playing the original pokemon on the original gameboy. The gameboy is currently cool.

90s? I’m old enough that I was playing this as a kid.

I remember that game. Spent hours an hours. Not much to do on a 90 foot Coast Guard Cutter in those days. In for one :grin: