Cool Kites for Summertime Fun

Really wish you had an F4U Corsair kite. I have a relative who flew those who would probably love to take one out with his grandkids.

Are any of these the 3D kites? It looks like maybe the pirate ship is (model # starts with 8). All the rest start with 7, which I believe are 2D kites. They can be found much cheaper elsewhere.

I believe these are all 3D kites except for the T-Rex. The T-Rex is two flat pieces that fly inline with each other and can give a 3d illusion since the two pieces move seperately. Instructions for the T-Rex can be found at…!t-rex/cecp

Clearly, the pictures woot listed are just graphic design images, not pictures of the actual products. They really don’t do a good job of showing what the kite really looks like. Maybe some enthusiastic staff will take them out of the boxes, assemble them, and take pictures.

I agree. I’ve seen XKites at Costco for years and I remember them usually being more like 9.99 - 14.99 depending on the time of year.

I’ve also seen them at Fry’s Electronics cheaper than here. See for yourself…

I looked up the model numbers again. The Blue Angel and Pirate ship are 3D. The rest are 2D and can be found at Fry’s for less.

The pirate is 3d for sure. My kids were just flying it from a ginormous sand dune yesterday. Wind was wayyyy too strong for it though, so it didn’t quite fare well.

I got the exact same pirate kite from toys r us for 20 bucks about a year ago.

It looks cool when ya get it flying, but it has a pretty narrow window for wind-speed. If it’s a little too slow it flies about 5 seconds then flops onto the ground. A little too fast and it breaks. Mine’s hanging from the ceiling now because of that last bit.

Something like $12.98 at Costco. I bought a 3D Dragon. Flies great, very cool. 20kt winds… not cool.