Cool Living 10,000 BTU AC/Dehumidifier-Two Colors

I bought this a couple weeks ago (from Woot) for the same price. I was replacing a Haier 10,000 BTU unit that was ~3 years old and was having some hardware troubles.


Mine is a preeeeetty red! The photo makes it look like a bright red, but it’s a richer, darker red.

Tiny. Tiny. SUPER TINY. It’s about half the width of the Haier, and slightly shorter.

Kept a small room around 75f when it was over 100f outside.

It sings to me! I’m not sure why it amazes me so much, but current devices (Roomba, speakers, etc.) sing little tunes when they turn on. This guy does, which was delightful right out of the box.


Noisy when condenser is running, but the noise is kinda irregular, which bugs me when I’m trying to fall asleep.