Cool Living 12,000 Btu/h Portable A/C

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Cool Living 12,000 Btu/h Portable A/C
Price: $229.99
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Hmm, no reviews at Amazon yet.

And there’s another brand - Lifesmart - that has the exact same pictures. I wonder who actually manufactures this.

I can’t seem to find any reviews or any web site for the company.

Sure, prey on the slightly warmer than normal temperatures here in the PNW where we don’t have AC.

In for one!!

how does this rate in terms of Amps and square footage? I see the specs, but are they good?

Yeah, my thought exactly!

Yup, got my attention here in Montlake…
I bought a Sharp refurb on here a couple of years ago, had it in the BR for a year without taking it out of the box… sold it last summer in a hot spell on CL for the same price.

In for one. Sweating in my apartment in Oregon, it’s time for a change!

Retails for $279.99 on Newegg.

The same company’s window unit has a few good reviews.

Seems the only ones looking at this are in the pnw. Guess the eastern Washington peeps have a/c already! 99 today -_- glad I’m on the west side. :slight_smile:

Debating it.
If it really does have a heat pump I may have to get one to see if it lowers my electricity bill over baseboard. I’ll check back in the morning to read more comments.

[MOD: Here’s the previous sale where we confirmed it is also a heater.]

Consumer Reports tested several brands (not this one) and found them to all be mediocre at best. The highest rated brand tested was a Friedrich ZoneAir P12B with a retail price of $600.

Many of these get the air for the condenser from the room air. That means air will be dragged into the room from other places. Also, the exhaust pipe will radiate heat back into the room. Both of these reduce the efficiency.

If you are going to get a unit like this, at least get one with an automatic drain (this one doesn’t have one). You’ll tire quickly of emptying it often and it will eventually leak all over the floor.

Use a window unit if at all possible.

When the industrial A/C units broke in one of the telecom remote sites I work on, we got a similar one of these to keep the equipment cool. With some creative exhaust ducting (it’s a air/water-tight enclosure) we managed to get the inside temp down from 126F to 92F, keeping a few thousand people and businesses with phone and internet.

It sure couldn’t hurt to try in my living room here near Seattle - I’m in for one!

After looking at many brands of both window and portable A/C’s, I have come to the conclusion that most of them (including brands like GE) are built by a very few companies. Minor design changes in the front panels and cases and custom branding is really the only thing that defines them.

The price is good, really good. I guarantee you that you will not find another 12,000 BTU air conditioner for less than $230.

The problem? Woot stuff takes 10 days to arrive…

I don’t see anything about it being a heat pump. It just says “Keep warm with 10,500 BTU heating feature” which to me says that it just has internal heat strips. Mostly useless for warming a room on a 120 volt unit, and certainly not any less expensive per BTU to operate than the heat strips you already have. :frowning:

90 day warranty tells me = junk

TIP: If the first main product page photo isn’t working for you, be sure to try the 3rd one!

Looking in the product manual and what I can find no mention of a heat pump. Since all the other stats are the same, I would assume electric heat strips. Then the manufacturer doesn’t need the whole reversing valve assembly.

As working for one if the largest hvac companies, I can speak that many companies buy other company’s product and re-brand it as their own. (With the manufacturer agreeing)

HAIER, the “GE of China” makes most of the window A/C, these A/C, small washers, microwaves and a lot more.

Different names, different cosmetics, same-same product.

Get an extended warranty that is iron-clad.

Welcome to retail in America in 2015.

You figured this out, eh? There is nowhere near the variety of products there once was, just dozens of names on the same product, and nobody wants to back them up with service, as they have no service department or parts. 90 days warranty should tell you something.