Cool-Living 18K or 24K BTU Window A/C Unit

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Cool-Living 18K or 24K BTU Window A/C Unit
Price: $369.99 - 429.99
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Condition: New


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Hard to beat these prices if you’re shopping for 18k-24k BTU.

It looks like a really good price, but, good grief, I think that close to half my comments on Woot involve them always leaving the power consumption off of the specs for items. They need 220V, OK, but how many watts?

I mean it’s Woot. We’re all here because we’re cheap to begin with…

Watts? Typically the wattage is roughly the same as the BTU rating, so 18k or 24k. These units need a 220/240 volt outlet, but not the high amperage 4-prong plug that a dryer uses. It’s a 3- prong, 20 amp plug. Looks the same as your normal 3-prong plug, but the two bottom prongs are sideways, ie horizontal.

My question is how much do these units weigh?

Waiting for the first week of triple-digit highs? LOL

It’s in the specs.

18,000 BTU - 130 lbs.
24,000 BTU - 148 lbs.

To be fair, we just added that based on his question. :happy:

There are plenty of retailers selling this brand of air conditioning unit, but does it seem odd to anyone else that “Cool-Living” is a company or brand that doesn’t actually seem to exist?

A search for “Cool-Living air conditioner” didn’t turn up anything for me (I was just looking for their website and documentation for these items). If anyone else can do better, please post a link.

The efficiency of a 220V unit is so much better than a 110V. I hung one in an old house I had and it was great.

The unit is made by TCL, you can buy them from Walmart and Home Depot. This is a good price for them

Home Depot calls this the TCL, and I see the 18,000 draws 6.6 Amps x 240 Volts = 1,584 Watts

Thanks fgreenejr5. I see the Home Depot specs are much better. I was wondering about the dimensions of the 18,000 and found Window opening minimum width (in.) 28, Window opening maximum width 41, and Window opening minimum height 19. Too big for the hole in my wall.

Boy, the one comment on Amazon makes me worry. I mean do the chinese have any quality control, letting it out the door with a bad plug?

The Woot description could be a bit better for what power outlet this unit requires. It will need a NEMA 6-15 or 6-20 outlet, not the “like a clothes dryer” outlet which is most likely a NEMA 14-30. If this is replacing a previous large air conditioner, there might already be the correct outlet nearby. Otherwise call an electrician.