Cool-Living Adirondack Chair - Your Choice

Nope. She’s not allowed to. We made a pact.

I bought two of the teal ones last time. The other reviews are correct that they were missing screws and the holes were not aligned. However, with some extra wood screws and some patience I was able to put them together. For $40, these are obviously not high-end chairs. You get what you pay for. I am almost 250 pounds, and I have sat in them (very carefully) with no problems. They have also been sitting by my pool in Arizona for 4 months and I have not noticed any major weathering issues. I don’t expect outdoor furniture to last more than one or two seasons here.

Have been fixed

Bought two last time. The started molding almost immediately.

You do get what you pay for… so if you want a quality Adirondack chair, buy a reasonably priced model (alot more than $40).

As to promises from mfg that these are a better batch… my first set didint have any missing screws or miss-drilled pilots holes… the problem is the cheap wood. The paint on the edges delaminates almost immediately and it a moldy messs.

I tried to rememedy by repainting then sealing with lacquer, but the mold returned.

Perhaps these chairs may be ok if you live in Phoenix… otherwise, I’d stay away.

SIGH. You didn’t address the real problem: mold. Who cares if it comes with all the screws if it turns into a molded mess?

you do know (real) rubber comes from a tree?

I must be the lucky one …or 6
I bought 6 all are great around my fire pit by lake they are a great buy comp units are 89.99
I would buy again!

Won`t the colour come off? under the sunshine

Bought 4 of these from the latest batch, 2 for me and 2 for a friend. I don’t know about my friend but the 2 I opened arrived broken, wood cracked, screws falling out. Complete garbage. I didn’t want to deal with sending them back so I took the partial refund and will be repairing them. The manufacturer should NOT ship these partially assembled or if they do they need to be packed better, these all broke where, as far as I can tell, they were able to move in the box and bust a screw or 2 loose.

I purchased two from this batch and one arrived broken. The other had an incorrectly drilled hole. I would be happy to supply pictures.

The manufacturer will be able to help you with getting new pieces.