Cool-Living Adirondack Chair - Your Choice

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Cool-Living Adirondack Chair - Your Choice
Price: $39.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Dec 27 to Thursday, Dec 28) + transit
Condition: New


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What the fresh hell is solid rubber wood?

You do know that rubber comes from a tree, don’t you?

rubber wood = wood from a rubber tree.

All the horrible reviews from the last sale steer me clear of this.

I purchased 4 of these chairs. The quality is not good and Customer service non existent. I bought the red color. Within the first 10 days paint was peeling off. Several slats are split and one chair arrived broken. An email to the company was unanswered and the phone number is bogus. I’m sorry Woot affiliates with companies of this caliber and am now hesitant to make another Woot purchase.

Thanks for the honesty! I was kind of excited about this one but now I won’t risk it. You saved me $80.

Thank you, just what I was looking for. Passing on this one!

Thus, the note that *
“This is a brand new batch of these Adirondack Chairs, and all units have been double checked to ensure they include all hardware.”*

It would be nice to hear from someone who was satisfied with their purchase, for we would like to get 6 of them…

More critically, rubber wood is considered environmentally friendly since they’re using wood from trees which have outlived their useful plantation life.

We like environmentally friendly…

These chairs look pretty nice and sit very comfortably. BUT… They are not well made and you should not expect to get more that 2-3 years out of them. I bought 2… had all the hardware, but the screw heads on the vertical slats don’t match (red vs. Zinc/Yellow plating) and one of the inserts for the screws split the part it was going into… a little to much stress for the wood. They do look great in my front yard, inviting anyone to take a seat and rest…

I looked for adirondack chairs for a long time, and couldn’t find anything in wood for less than twice this price, so I bought 2 in white - worst thing that will happen is I’ll have to paint them in a couple years, I guess.

I bought 8 of these before thanksgiving. Of the 8 four came in with damage. Screws in preassembled stripped, cracked wood etc. pass on these not worth the frustration.

Have to agree with comments. One came in with screws stripped and the paint peeled off in 3 days. However, I had a great experience with customer service. They sent me a new seat back and then sent me new chairs. These chairs are cheap but just spray with poly and maybe the paint will stay on

Your red chair review cut me to the quick. I had them in the cart, because who doesn’t like red chairs?, and was ready to check out… Then I read your anguished review. So now I am chair-less, thanks to your helpful words. How are we going to know if they are any good? Well, I say raise quality control and probably price. I still need some strong red outdoor chairs, please!

good adirondack chairs have a curved back for comfort. Pass.

Kinda Junky! Paint started peeling after a couple of weeks, the wood is thin and there weren’t enough screws for assembly in the box. Don’t expect more than a couple of seasons out of these chairs.

These chairs were invented to keep your visit here short, and remove any change you may have left from your pockets.
Please come visit and leave a sizable portion of your dead president portrait collection here.

Thank you.

I’m very surprised by the comments that these are not good.

having bought a few, and assembled them, I haven’t had any issues with the quality, finish, or anything else. they are not, of course, comparable to the $300 ones, but they are adequate.

Don’t want to admit buying these but the quality says you couldn’t be any further away from the area of Upstate New York that originally inspired this century old design of chair