Cool Living Stand Up Desk (Your Choice)

Comments/Discussion on the desk from a previous sale

Doesn’t having a high chair completely miss the point of the standing desk?

Not of you alternate between the two and prefer to avoid adjusting the desk

dude, I love having a sit/stand desk. I spend about half the day standing and the other half sitting just to lessen the antsy factor. On the weekend, (when I am making brief stops to my machine, not spending hours on it) I’ll keep it up cuz its so convenient just to walk up and check something then leave again. Id be annoyed at a hand crank model but I’ll never knock the concept.

Word to the wise, read the previous sale’s comments. Sounds like a beast to put together and half the parts are machined poorly and don’t fit the holes. Hopefully this table is an improved version.

LOL @ comments from previous deal… Read the second page!! “missing” or poorly fabricated parts and shoddy instructions. One person said they had trouble adjusting the height.

One person got a used set.

Pretty sorry sounding!

I ordered one during the previous sale. I don’t think I would recommend it. This looks to be a slightly different model, but it’s still sold by Cool Living, and I still wouldn’t expect it to be made even half-way decently. And good luck trying to contact Cool Living if you have problems. (At least they’ve stopped pretending to offer a warranty on this sale.)

Mine worked great for the first 4 months or so (after I struggled through the inaccurate instructions). It still works, but it sounds like a rubber boot has shifted inside one of the legs, causing a lot of friction and making a horrible noise whenever I turn the crank. I figure it’s only a matter of time until it fails completely.

I don’t sit or lean on it, I haven’t put too much weight on it, it hasn’t been moved since it was first assembled, and I don’t crank it like I’m trying to lower the landing gear on the Memphis Belle. I knew it was cheap when I bought it, and have tried to be gentle with it. There’s no good excuse for the desk breaking this quickly.

I have fallen in love with sit/stand desks. I don’t know if I can ever go back. But I don’t think I’ll ever buy another Cool Living product, either. Mine will likely be replaced by Ikea’s Skarsta desk some time soon.

Thanks for your feedback. I’m wishing that I had a standing desk. Since you’re considering another crank desk (Skarsta) rather than en electronic one like the Bekant or another brand…can you tell me what it’s like to have a crank?

I don’t know how often I’d be switching during the day but I feel like I’d be annoyed by cranking the thing up and down one or more times per day.

Purchased one in past woot sale. Returned after finding missing parts. Very difficult to contact manufacturer, so I tried every extension till I got someone to speak to. Once I was able to get through very professional and helpful but still wasn’t able to get the product to function. Product is unreliable and poorly made. Sorry Woot. Went to ikea. More money but well worth it.

It’s really not that bad, at least I don’t think so.

I don’t adjust mine every day, but close to it. It takes me less than a minute to crank the desk from lowest to highest, and it doesn’t take too much strength. I can feel that I’ve just used my arm, but it doesn’t ache or make me want to stop half way up. I’m not in terrible shape, but I’m not in good shape either.

The real reason I don’t want an electric crank, at least not on one of these cheaper desks, is because I figure it’s going to be the first part to fail. It certainly seems to be the case with Ikea’s Bekant, from what I’ve read. (Not that this desk has held up any better.)

I don’t know if it’s true of the desk in this sale, but the previous Cool Living desk had a removable crank handle, so I can use my electric drill as a motor for the desk when I feel lazy. I still use the manual crank most of the time, but having both options is very nice.

Thanks, I figure I could fix an electric one if it failed. I may entertain the drill idea but honestly at this point I don’t mind paying extra for some luxuries.

I’ll keep your thoughts in mind when I buy a desk though, thank you!!

I have used both of these to frequently and the one that you just push a button to make it go up or down is extremely slow, Like about a few seconds per inch of movement. So when I was in a hurry and needed to sit down to finish up real quick, I would have had to wait about a minute before the desk was at the right height. Also the sound of the desks parts moving was really high pitched. The hand crank ones that we had were noticeably lighter to move around and the crank was much faster and gave your arm a little workout and I liked that. So I prefer the hand crank ones more.

I have had this task for over two years and I love it. The manual crank is easy

The crank is easy to use and once you go up you never go down. No need for electric motors. I also use a chair like the one woot has on add. I sit if I get tired with the desk raised, I like it a lot! By keep the desk raised it helps me stand more, really no need to lower. I truly love standing, I feel so much better. I also like the aluminum frame on these desk very light weight and strong. I had no issues with assembly and the quality is much better than the ikea unit I compared. This price is a great buy for both.

It seems like the thing to do is just to get a fixed standing-height table and a fixed barstool-height chair, like a drafting chair. Then you can sit or stand. Much cheaper. Won’t break. I promise you, I will flatten that 10"-throw pneumatic cylinder in no time, then it will just be a bad office chair.

I have purchased two of these from different sales. I bought one and loved it so much I bought another.

I have assembled a lot of furniture over the years and would rate the assembly on this as about a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most difficult.

The directions could be a little more clear but the assembly is very straight forward. I have contacted the company and they were very responsive. (I wanted more info about another one of their products.)

This is a hand crank model and it takes quite a few revolutions, but the flip side of that is that you don’t have to worry about upsetting whatever you have on the desk as you adjust the height.

All in all, this is a very cleverly designed desk and it is by far the best value I have been able to find - and I have been looking at, and buying, sit/stand desks for about 5 years.

If you are considering a sit/stand desk you cannot go wrong with this. As for assembly, considering the world love Ikea, I am surprised anyone has any negative comments. It is a big desk that comes well packed in a flat box. Assembly will be required - duh.

The standing / sitting desk this mimics costs about a grand to 3 grand, so at first blush this looks great. However, the standing/sitting desk needs to be quick to be efficient. As noted in the prior comments, cranking this thing up and down is slow under the best of conditions. The standing desk most get, at 3x the price, is pneumatic and like a regular office chair goes up or down easily as you grip the handles. Sure, it’s less expensive and normally that is the issue. However if it doesn’t do the job? I’m currently using a varidesk and interested in a full standing desk, but this just doesn’t fit the bill.

The chair is hilarious. I need a chair to sit at my standing desk. Even with the varidesk, when you raise it, you stand and just nudge the chair back out of the way. If I want to sit down…I sit down.

This product seems like it’s close but needs significant changes before it can rival the real deal.

With all respect, the max load on the Ikea is 110 pounds and this unit is rated at 300 pounds. Not that I plan on sitting on my desk, but I have an $800 monitor that weighs 20 pounds and my Alienware laptop weighs about another 10 pounds. I am now at 30 pounds - and I haven’t placed my elbow on the Ikea desk.

I am very confident that this desk will support everything I am going to place on it - the Ikea doesn’t inspire that confidence.

I have a Veridesk that sits on a regular desk, uses a spring loaded lever to raise and lower a dual platform. The platform holds 2 monitors, my keyboard, phone etc. Very well made…love the thing.