Cool Living Up Desk (2 Colors)

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Cool Living Up Desk (2 Colors)
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I got one last time, and I like it very much. Good desk, GREAT for the price. A little trouble assembling, (one piece didn’t fit, but a 2x4 and a hammer and some sweat made it work).


How easy is it to change the desktop for something a little larger?

Someone once said “I have a standing height desk and a tall chair”. I realised then, that constantly adjusting the height of a desk was a fool’s errand.

Not much. What’s up with you, desk?

The writeup says it has a hand crank to adjust the height. How easy is that? Also, if the desk is full of stuff (i.e., monitor, laptop, etc.) is it hard to change the height?

Anyone know if the crank handle is easily removed? At “12 rotations per inch” of movement, changing the height would get old fast.

At 12 rotations per inch, I imagine that the gearing is such that raising and lowering it is quite easy, but might take a few minutes.

what’s the material of the table top?

Top is particle board & Melamine

I just got a drafting-height chair last week. After 18 months of switching between my standing desk and a lower desk with a standard chair. Now I can just use my standing desk all the time - even when my knees hurt. Ask me how I like it in another 18 months…

you could probably screw a bigger desktop directly to the the existing one. or maybe even just let rest on top and secure it with some clips. it would have to cantilever towards the back tho as you need the crank to clear the edge of the desk.

I was ready to pull the trigger till I saw your note. That makes more a whole lot of more sense. Where do you recommend getting a “drafting-height” chair… and table/desk?

I bought the steel frame model of this desk a couple months ago on woot, was slightly more expensive but I think that’s because the steel frame can hold more weight?

The adjustable crank is super easy to use and you don’t have to take everything off your desk to move it up and down. It takes a little while but its not tiring, takes not much effort to turn and I like that they built it so you can easily detach the crank when you don’t need it for a while.

You may need to change the mouse/keyboard positioning when going from sitting to standing.
I have a piece meal standing desk:
(1) a stacked dual monitor stand with a single monitor that I moved between mounts, and (2) a laptop stand that has my mouse/keyboard on it (no laptop).
The angle of the mouse surface and the keyboard have to be different when I stand.

I don’t see the size specs anywhere…?

Table Top Dimensions: 55.25" x 27.5"
Adjustable Height From: 45" Tall - 29"

Got ours today. Assembly was relatively easy. Cranking it up and down takes a little effort than I expected, but works fine.