Cool Living Up Desk (2 Colors)

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Cool Living Up Desk (2 Colors)
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Hey! I can stand! And the desk stands up next to me! Whoah, this world of the future is cool!

Got one off woot a couple months ago. Works as advertised.

I recommend getting an “office drafting chair” to go with it, as standing 100% of the time is probably not what you’ll end up doing. Opted for a LexMod Edge Drafting Chair myself

I own this desk. At $300 I would definitely buy again… at $400 I might go an extra $100 for the IKEA standup desk that’s electronic.

My experience with the desk has been fine no real complaints other than turning the handle does vibrate the desk slightly so if you have pens on the edge they will possibly fall off. I have also noticed some rubbing where the turning bar hits the upper frame when, but it hasn’t turned into an issue.

I’ll say it takes considerable amount of more turning than the steel version, but the steel version was more “strategic” to put together correctly.

IKEA Electronic Desk

“Manual crank to adjust height 12 rotations per inch up or down”

That’s, like, 200 crank rotations from sitting to standing position, or back.

Where was Woot when I needed it? In 2000, I had back surgery. After a stint in bed, I was allowed to return to work but not allowed to sit except for short periods of time. I could not find a stand-up desk so I had a cabinet maker build one. It was great. I still use it today. I highly recommend it as a way to help keep back muscles toned. I stool or drafting chair (as recommended by another Wooter) would be beneficial.Added: And this one is adjustable - a real plus.

“Sitting is the new smoking”

I’ve been standing at my desk for over a year. It’s actually kind of nice to be able to move easily. I have a lean stool (from the mothership actually) which I use periodically, but not all that often.

This is a pretty good deal for an adjustable height desk.

I remember when Woot had some really good deals, but those days seem to be fading away.

My big question was going to be how many cranks it takes to go from one to the other. Seems if you don’t get a drafting (high) chair, you would want to go from sitting to standing and back multiple times a day, at least at first. Might get old manually raising and lowering the desk.

FWIW, 12 tpi means you can easily raise/lower the surface while it is loaded with stuff on top. No mechanical breakage, and the movement is basically smooth (not jerky) so stuff doesn’t topple over or fall off.

These are the Saint Peregrine designer series? [If nobody gets it, I’ll explain.]

Purchased one last time this came up. Box was delivered with no damage, yet the desktop had damage which looks to have happened because of some sort of strapping prior to packaging. Caveat emptor.

I contacted Woot! and they were out, so at least I got 10% back. Really less than satisfied as I want a nice desk, but it would have been too much of a PITA to rebox/return. I doubt I ever buy large stuff like this again online. This is the second time I’ve received large items from online retailers with undamaged packaging, yet the goods have flaws after opening. So I’m 0 for 2 on this.

I’m convinced its a ‘dirty secret’ in the industry and won’t be ordering large item online again.

$289 for a boring looking desk that simply goes up and down? Are we supposed to consider this price a deal?

At $99 I “might” consider it.

But sitting creates a natural platform for my cat. I’m torn–a long, healthy catfree life; or a short, contented, catted life.

Hemmingway was way ahead on this, he typed standing up (the manly-man way).

However, he didn’t need any high-brow, $300 desk, he just put the typewriter on the top of a low bookcase!

I have no experience at all with this particular desk, but the desks we have at work are similarly adjustable with a hand crank. It is 87 turns to go up or go down again (yes, I count). It gets reallllllly old. So tedious I just don’t do standing any more. If I get an adjusting desk for my home office it will be one with a motor.

I would skip the manual crank legs. Depending on how you use it, you’re not going to stand or sit all day long, I usually go up and down twice or more a day.

The ikea one is ok but it’s not that sturdy when I tried that in 2 Ikea around my area. One of them was very shaky, the employee didn’t know how to set it up properly. It also doesn’t have programmable settings.

I have the electric table legs by Jin Gang (it’s the manufacturer/distributor, most of the tables support 350lbs in the market are using their legs, they all look the same but the resellers sell the their own table tops for way higher price), it has 4 programmable height settings. Highly recommend it. The legs setup is about $550 retail (could be cheaper if you found one from ebay) and add a Ikea table top of your choice to build a very capable one for under $600.
I added under table mounted power strip from Harbor Freight and cable management rack from Ikea to have a very clean look.

Also, height adjustable desk is not just for standing, it actually very good for short people (in that case a manual crank one is fine). Most of the desks are too high for ladies or short people and they have to use foot steps. Lowering the desk will be much more comfortable and ergonomic