Cool Living Up Desk (2 Colors)

I was thinking the same thing.

I agree, I have a crank desk at work and it’s a nightmare. I feel like I’m going to get a RSI from converting to standing/sitting twice in one day. I vowed to get a motorized one for home, got the ikea one, and like it much better.

{wonders how hard it would be to make an adapter to use an electric drill/cordless driver to turn the crank mechanism]


I have never left a review before. I purchased this desk and was sent a wrong leg. The manufacture told me this was no longer manufactured and they sent a used scratched up leg from a desk they had in their office. Would not overnight unless I paid the bill. Also the desk top does not have pilot holds dried. Instructions are not good and be prepared to be patient. just want others to know and be advised before you roll the dice on this one.

Honestly for the ease of use the hand crank is a lose lose…I ended up buying the Varidesk. It simply sits on top of the existing desk you have already and goes up and down on command with all my things on it…only $350 bux. Worth a look…

Varidesk 30 @ Amazon

I bought a queen size foam mattress from woot and I’ve been using the box it came in as a standing desk. When upright it’s the perfect height. But I’m disappointed in the amount of available platform space so I’m been thinking about sending the box back.

This isn’t quite enough for me. I use this instead, it’s much better for cardio:

It’s a little more expensive, but worth it.

Okay. So I go out to Ikea & they have a desk very similar to this one and $50 less, but they don’t sell it online. So, what? Now I have to drive 300 miles to my local Ikea store?

Bought the steel version last time, and love it. Quality was good except for 2 of the 4 bolts holding the gearbox in place were stripped out, so I made a brace for it before assembling. Pretty good overall, and I built my own hardwood desktop for it. All in all a flexible design that does what I wanted.

Anyone in the Seattle area who wants the desktop for this – I unboxed but never used it, and it’s taking up space in my basement. PM me if you want it for free.

12 cranks/inch? Ridiculous. Why haven’t the designers incorporated a mechanism such as my shop-vise has, my vise has a lever for large adjustments then one releases the lever for the final micro adjustment? It is simple, efficient, safe and that system has been around for decades. My vise is stronger than the puny 300 lbs. of this desk.

Please, my shop press is stronger than your vise… but I’m comparing apples to oranges just like you are.

Don’t buy this desk it is a piece of crap. The gears that lift the dest strip out the first time you use it and they won’t help you get it fixed!!

Thank you!I’m in the process of moving so I’m trying to add something unique desk to decorate my house and I think this one is pretty good .

This is kind of a follow up after buying one. The handle (black plastic part) turns on the metal handle you see in the picture. The problem is you rotate that plastic on the metal a few hundred times to go up and down, well the plastic handle has a small groove to hold it on, and after a few (10) up and down’s my handle’s inside plastic has failed. Now when I try to go up and down I have to try to keep the handle on or it slips off every rotation… that wouldn’t be so bad, but the metal part actually pushes under the desk when not in use - great feature until you have to push the plastic to keep it on, now it’s literally a fight to go up and down.

I’ve emailed them and waiting to see a response.

They should have used metal or a pin to hold the plastic handle on, its an engineering mistake… a new handle will wear out in another 10 up/downs.

The rest of the desk is great. Gears aren’t a problem and I figure if your complaining about turning the handle a lot, why worry about standing? just be lazy and sit down all day. It’s exercise, have fun with it.