Cool things to buy!


I don’t know if this is against Woot policy, so police it if needed. I just ran across some cards from places that I bought some neat things. I thought I’d pass along the info and a short description. I’d love to hear of others’ neat items.

Fossil Rain, a store in Bloomington, is run by a very cool woman. It is like walking into an awesome cave full of fossils and minerals. If I was a millionaire, I would drop some dough there! My friend in b-town who picked me up from the Indy airport last weekend got me a gift certificate there for my wedding. I came away with a beautiful amonite.


Kani Tile Art is a cousin/aunt/some kind of relation. Very neat ceramics! Based out of Hawaii. I stayed with her a while ago. Visited the flowing lava on the big island. Check out her work.


no one else has that thing they would buy if they could only justify it? I am the only one who keeps an imaginary list of things that I might one day break down and get.
Kick ass digital SLR
nice speakers
lots of rocks and fossils
tons of art supplies
a complete woodworking shop

Come on, show us and tell us about your dream item that you want to get.



Wouldn’t want to be your enemy!


They get really sucky gas milage, and with the cost of gas rizing, you’d have to go invade a middle eastern country to get enough for the daily commute.


I’ve got a long list of gas stations in that region.


I really did want to see the things people are just wishing to buy and will buy.


Cleaning service every two weeks. Sigh


Wow! good one. Yep that is on the list.


Medieval Madness pinball table!


Ha Ha. that is cool, too.


The South Park Pinball machine just 'cause it would be fun to have!

Oh, and a Saturn Sky… what a sweet little car…


give us links, people, if you can. I want to see these things.
Like Cleaning services


I bet your google works just as well as mine does. :stuck_out_tongue:


true, but what is that big ticket item that you are agonizing over?


How about these?

If you are single and wear this size, let me know. I have a friend I want to set you up with.



That is the brand the Dr told son to wear. He is a 12. Too small for your friend. He does like animals.


I wonder if my friend has any age criteria.


K&J magnetics