Cooler Kitchen Extra Thick Flexible Plastic Cutting Mats



Cooler Kitchen Extra Thick Flexible Plastic Cutting Mats


Serious Questions

Which mat do you use for Duck?
Duck is Poultry but it’s actually more of a Red Meat than a Poultry
And what about Durian Fruit…


33% off, order through Woot/Amazon and its $5 shipping total of $14.99 and you get it in 2 weeks. Order from Amazon with prime and its $14.99 (you get it in 2 days)


Should I believe the dimensions (in inches) or size (in feet)?


Woot’s shipping doesn’t take two weeks these days, at least not in my experience. It often takes a few days to a week, which is nice. Also, if you have Amazon Prime, you don’t have to pay shipping at all.

By the way, shipping’s actually $6 now if you don’t have Prime. But your scenario is for someone who does have it, so you’d be saving $5 off the list price, which is what they’re being sold for on Amazon at the moment.


LOL. Let’s go with inches. I’ve updated the specs.


I have these and I use them regularly. They’ll work well for about a year of heavy use but then get pretty cut up. Good price. I paid 20 plus shipping for all.


How about $5.99?


That appears to be a different brand.