Coolest way to get up a hill?

My feet of course. Climbing a mountain in my own way is exzillerating.

Doesn’t matter how you get there, the important thing is to take advantage once you’re there. (Happy May the 4th!)

high ground GIF


Grab your best friend Jill and get up there.


The gravity of his situation was soon upon him.

On a bronco

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Coolest way to get up hill is in a car in neutral at Spook Hill in Burkittsville, MD where the laws of gravity are simply ignored!




Your lying eyes…

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I prefer to take the escalator.
If it breaks down, no harm done.
It just becomes a stairway.
Much safer and more reliable than the slingshot, catapult, or trebuchet.

Hate to break the news to you, but if you Google escalator accidents, you may be scarred for life. As in some really, REALLY grim wood chippper like accidents

My jeep

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Hope there was a turn about.

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Fail Eddie Redmayne GIF by Aardman Animations


substitutiary locomotion