Coordinates Cabernet Sauvignon (2)

Coordinates Dry Creek Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2-Pack
$34.99 $80.00 56% off List Price
2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, Dry Creek Valley
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Any comments on the drinking window on the offering?

Never had the wine, but this was released September 2009 and the winery says age 3-5 years. And given the somewhat lower acidity and high alcohol, my guess is it is not an ager.

I’m getting very tired of checking in only to continue to see Ohio not on the shipping list. I understand the problems and hope it eventually gets worked up. In the meantime, I will no longer be keeping tabs on the offers. I hope someone will wake up all of us outcasts when things get back to normal.

I happened to have a bottle of this 2007 Coordinates CS. Don’t ask me where it came from. I don’t remember.

Short version: oaky, new world, red fruit CS. At $20/bottle (not sure what the actual cost is going to be), you could do a lot worse.

I know nothing about the wine at all. I haven’t looked at the alc. % on the label and I have done no research on it. I know it’s a CS and I know it’s from the Dry Creek Valley.

I opened the wine, put a bit in a Riedel O Series red glass, put half of the bottle in the decanter, and the remaining half went into the fridge, corked but in the same bottle.

On the PnP: absolutely huge, new world, nose. Really lovely. It has a bit of heat, but I almost always detect alc. in bouquets. A lot of rich red fruit and a lot of oak. The nose smells dense, if that makes sense. Not heavy, but just packed with fruit. On the palate, this wine is really silky, but the alc. spikes quite a bit in the back end(I’m not usually sensitive to alcohol on the palate). I’m guessing there’s new oak used as there is definitely oak, but I quite like a big fruit/oak wine every now and then. First impressions: this is a big, new world CS, and it’s pretty delicious except for the alc. spike at the end.

After being opened for 1.5 hours, SWMBO poured a glass and I poured another couple ounces. SWMBO said raspberries and vanilla. Still lots of oak. Lots of fruit. Nice finish. Nice structure.

Day 2: not much change. The wine may be a bit lighter, but not by much at all. Still tons of oak, tons of red fruits.

I think this easily competes with other $20-$25 new world, “grocery store” type cabs out there. It doesn’t taste overly spoofed. The fruit is there and it tastes like real fruit, but there is a lot of oak. If that’s your thing, this is probably a pretty good buy for you.

I see a question about aging. I wouldn’t age this for more than a year or two. I don’t think it’s going anywhere in that time, but I can’t see it getting better with time in the bottle.

I know I’m just jumping on a “band wagon” here but…if I can 't get it shipped to my State, then why am I looking everyday at Woot. They used to ship to Kansas but not anymore??

See here.

If someone asks this again in this thread, lots and lots of fairies will lose their wings.


Weird. I don’t remember where mine came from either.
I pretty much agree with your notes except I didn’t get quite as much oak. Definitely no tannins. Very fruity, high alcohol, but not over the top. All that and the low acid I detect makes me think this is less of a food wine and more of a sipper.
Overall this is pretty good for the price. Not too complex but not basic at all and it is well made. Absolutely better than anything you can find locally for $20 or less.
To compare to wines from the same area wooters might know:
Not on the level of a Wellington or Ty Caton but more like a Block 13. Maybe not as interesting as that was. From what I remember that was darker and had some earthy notes and this is brighter and hotter.
This is a good buy for something a little better than a daily drinker like a Woot Cellars or Pedroncelli but when you don’t want to open a Wellington Victory or Jana Cathedral.

Fred, this wine is for you. Try it!

I remember the Block 13 the same. And I had this with food and it wasn’t so great. Still, $20/btl is a very fair price for this wine.

If it was in the same class as Block 13 I’d be all over it, but I had a Block 13 a couple of weeks ago and this wine doesn’t sound anything like it. WD and Neil need to find us some more Block 13’s.