Cop Cake

Not sure I want any hair on my baked goods.

Weirdly cartoony and colorful

Congrats to Rick Perry on the print. It is a pun of sorts.

Nice! Honestly think this would be even better without the belt buckle that gives up the joke though :wink:

I guess I’m out of the loop because I don’t get this at all.

I’m with you. Is it just the pun, or is there some reference I’m missing here?

Stay frosty.

Is he wearing the sunglasses because he’s totally baked?

Nice. As retired law enforcement, I love this shirt.

Just a pun. No reference to anything else.

I had taken it off the belt buckle after deliberation, but it was still hidden in the photoshop file I sent, then woot found it and they liked it better with. There you go.

Wait, isn’t hair always a part of baked goods??? Dangit! This is what happens when I let my dog do all the baking…

Fun foodie illustration, @Rick Perry. It kindof feels like a new character for one of the Jim Henson shows.

I’m always the unlucky recipient of hair in food so maybe this shirt would be perfect for me!

just noticed his name’s officer sprinkles awww!

congrats on the print Rick Perry :slight_smile:

Is anyone else concerned that the Secretary of Energy has time to make a shirt?

Nope! He’s just putting his energy elsewhere.

Help tha police (SFW)


Definitely. Have them call me.

lol! Yummy and cute, can’t beat that! :slight_smile: